Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Spam Spam Spam Spam Spamity Spam Wonderful Spam

I have gotten several annonymous post from spammers. I always like have the anonymous function active. I would occassionally get a really odd ball question or an entertaining comment that way. Well when it was the occassional advert on the most recent messages they were easy to erase. Now people are putting them on old messages. If you want to advertise here you have to impress me or pay me. I only think that is fair. I put an entire three minutes of thought into this blog every day. Everyone should respect that.

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natasha said...

you can turn on the option that makes people type in the letters so that it isn't a robot leaving you spam, although i guess a person still can. i have gotten some that are "your blog looks great! i found a new way to make tons of money by picking my nose! wanna know how?" and then the link. and they post it 4 times in a row. evil.

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