Monday, August 31, 2009

Chinese Food Attempt

I just made my first batch of Garlic Seasamy Noodles. I have not made very much Chinese food. Actually I have not made Chinese food. For some reason I only buy it. every other food that I like I can made. I have even been practicing sushi. Yet Chinese food i do not make.

Well I got some real Chinese noodle. Some garlic sauce and sauteed some mushroom. Actually making this dish is like saying a made ravioli by opening the can of Chef Boyardi. So this really is not making Chinese food. It is more like I bough three things and threw them together in the same pot.

Well actually it taste fairly good. When I started making Italian food years ago i started with a bow of pasta and a can of sauce. Now I can take actually tomatoes and turn it into sauce. I can even make the pasta. My Manigotti is to die for. My wife claims that she decided to marry me after I made her Manigotti. By the way that is a flat round pasta noodle with a cheese and mushroom stuffing rolled up inside. It is a pain in the neck to make though.

Well back to my noodles. I suppose I have to buy a wok or something. I suppose that is one of the things that you need to make Chinese food. I managed to make it this time in a sauce pan. I suppose that is alright to get started. From what I read you use the wok as something that has different cooking zones.

Well we will see how that goes. i am probably going to concentrate on the Sushi. I am not very good at it yet still I am trying.
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