Monday, October 06, 2008

Sewing No Knitting

Between building projects, the book and other stuff I have not had much time to knit. I did head out to the South Hills Knitting group on Friday. They were having a baby shower type thing for a lady having a baby. Well at least a giving a of presents. It is always fun to see what knitters will knit for other knitters. There is just that wee bit of extra effort.

I was working on a clown hat as I have been for the last century. I really do love the fact that Brigade is growing as it is. Still, that is a lot of knitting a and sewing. At this very moment I am sewing on stars. Well actually I am typing in this blog thing. I have taken a break from sewing stars to type this entry. Like Boy Scouts or Girls Scouts our clown Brigade has rank based on merit badge type things. These are called proficiencies. On our uniform they are represented by stars on the left sleeve. The Apprentices and Jr Clown of the Brigade have been hard at work on learning this and that. So for this reason there are stars that need stuck on uniform shirts.

At this point I would put up a picture of a shirt with stars on it. First I think there are a couple of those on this blog already. Also I do not have the cable thing to connect the camera card to the computer. I also don't have picture on this computer yet. So no pictures of star sew onto shirts.

Anyway it is Monday night knitting on the south side. Everyone else will be knitting I will be sewing stars into uniform shirts. I do like sewing. Still, you have to pay attention to it or you jab yourself in the finger. I don't like the stabbing so much. Still, what can one do.

Also on the sewing front i have been working on a couple more Apprentice Bags. We have more and more of them as time goes on and they need bags. Walt has also bee working on the sewing. This has been good. I am certain i would not be anywhere near close to finishing without his help.

The book continues to plug along. Today I spent a couple hours making sure that the stuff in book one jives with the stuff in the other six books in the series. Thus far there have been no major conflicts. Still there is four hundred or so pages of text across several books. Perhaps if I were sane I would write a short story or poetry. Well, one can not have everything. And sanity is is over rated.

I have also been thinking of getting on of those tag gizmos that you see on some people's blogs. It has the words written big and small. You can also click on the big and small words to look at the tags with those words in it. I sometimes think that my blog is entirely too random. I really hope that no one is trying to read it and make sense of it. The spelling and grammar alone is enough to push a sane person over the edge.

I have also bee trying to figure out what type of gizmos I should stick on the blog. I few of them I have just not put up. A couple I have decided to get rid of. i like the new blog listings. this helps me know who has been putting new stuff on their blog. Although there is a sort of Zen like state that can develop if one just goes from blog to blog randomly. Well I am going to return to putting stars on shirts.

Have a good time out there. Be safe and keep you stick on the ice.

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Saturday Blogging

Work on the sometimes infernal book continues. There are a couple chapters that have yet to be written. Actually they have been written three or four times. I then throw them away because i do not like them enough. Someday I may come up with a couple chapter that i like and then i will be able to finish the book.

On the up side I have solved the ending problem. Being that it is a series of several books I do not feel the ending it that important. Still there needs to be a smooth transition into the next book. I think the way i have moved a couple things around in the first three books gives the first book a better ending. At this rate i may be done with it by the spring. I do feel sorry for the person that has to edit it. On the up side my typing has greatly improved the last couple months. i do not know if my spelling or grammer have improved any. Still, the speed that i can stick stuff into the computer is fater.

On the up side on other front I am working on yet anohter clown hat. I will have to take pictures of them and put it on the blog. i suppose this is after all a knitting blog. At least that is what it was supposed to be.

Another interesting thing is that the clown brigade now had an office. For those that know about old Salvation Army Corps many of them had apartments that the officer once lived in. Steel Vally Corps has such an apartment or quarters as it is know in Army speak. Any way the Brigade has been using the stripped out kitchen from the apartmen as a storage room. It is truely the ugliest room in the entire building. So it fits well that we are using it. That way the public does not have to see it. It is your basic one room apartment with a living room, bedroom, bathroom and kitchen. Well it has a kitchen once upon a time. Now it has a clown storage room. Or a storage room for clown stuff. It is not nearly large enough to store clowns in. they need a great deal of room.

Any way i driftying away from the not too terribly exciting news. The news is that teh bedroom in the arpartment is not the office for the Steel City Clown Brigade. I am seriously considering getting a fancy sign. Well by that I mean photoshopping something and taping it to the door. We are not the kind of Corps that had brass name plates on everything. Although it would be nice to have a brass nameplate on the door. Still since it is not a very public part of the building no one would actually see it. Still it is the thought that counts.

The up side of having an office is that it has a computer. The mean that other people can start posting things to the clown blog. With all the shows and the infernal book I have not been spending that much time blogging. Perhaps when i send it off to the editor i will be able to get back to rambling on about silly stuff. worse yet someone might actually buy the book and will want the rest of the written. It is an evil cycle.

Any be safe out there and keep your stick on the ice.
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