Saturday, March 26, 2011

The New Show

Once again it is time to work on the script for the Clown brigades next show. We are working tirelessly to bring the script together so that we can start rehearsing.

This year we have vowed that we will use on sixty percent recycled jokes. We have also vowed that we will make up at least three new jokes for this show.

Pictured to the left is our Brigades newest member Dave Jefferson taking a shot at making sense of the script that I have written. There was much groaning and he only broken down in tears once at how bad it is. Never the less any progress is good progress. Oliver the computer Squirrel even helped with a couple jokes. For those keeping track Oliver is the Squirrel that lives in my Tandy Color Computer Three. He runs on a little wheel that powers the computer instead of electricity because i could not find a new power supply to replace the old one when it burned out.

By the way bellow is some random Bagpipe rock and roll awesomeness
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