Thursday, June 24, 2010

Clown Sewing Never Ends

This is a picture from the upper incline station. We were coming home from the COIA Meeting on monday. Here you can see Sergeants Thurman and Wilson with the Ap. Bags. Soon to be Junior Clown Brimage has an Apprentice Bag. It is also called an Ap Bag for short. The Appretice bag has fewer pockets. The other Brimage in a yellow shirt still has one of our first generation Aprentice Bags. Some of people found it to be to small. Still they served us for a year or so.
Someone sent me a message on one of te other posts asking me why I call the kids Aprentice and Sergeant. Those are teir clown ranks in the Brigade. Also t is a securit thing. If someone come up to them in the street and does not know their first name then they know something is wrong. Althouh i feel srry for ayone that tries to take any of these girls. Tey are alwas togather and ca proably take any adult that tried to mess with them.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Sergeant Thurman's Ap Bag

She is really happier about her new bag than she looks. My bad photography made all the pictures with her smiling blurry. This is the best one with her holding the bag.

As stated earlier this bag has a better Ledgerdmain pockets and a more tailored club pouch. The shoulder strap is also attached lower on the baton pocket so that it fits shorter people better.

The first design of this bag hung well bellow the knees of the younger members of the Brigade. This design wears a little better and people under five feet tall.

Well be safe out there and keep your stick on the ice.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

More Sewing

Several Hours this evening have been dedicated to working on Ap Bags. A bag for a Senior Clown is a complicated ing. You have to have a place for everything from clubs to ball and deck of cards and scarves. This to put it mildly translates in a pain in the neck for sewing.

The current version of this overly complex thing is a actually simplified from the type that I have carried for many years. It has one single club pouch and has be streamline with more internal pockets rather than a bunch of external ones that are indivdually swen on by hand. This has ade sewing most of it a great deal simpler. The one place where the complicated still hangs on is the shoulder strap. This thing has to be padded and comfy. Tis is also the place where the juggling rings and most magical aparatus are stored. this includes on strap for the rings and two pouced that stick out like much all the pockets used to stick out in the bag. ecause the shoulder strap is so bulky there three things have to be sewn on by hand. This are also the last hing that get's sewn on the completed bag other than some insignia.

Well tis is the stage that Sergeant thurman's bag is at. So se will be al to try it out at the practice tuesday evening. Fun Fun.

Well be safe out there and keep your stick on the ice.

Monday, June 14, 2010

More Sewing and the Flu or Something

Besides the sweing there is not much going on around here. My wife and have been under the weather for the ast few days. It is very odd. She appears to get sick and then she gives me what ever she has. Se likes to share like that. Unless there is ice cream involved. There is no sharing with ice cream involved.

I am running low on number 10 snaps. If it were not for the snaps I should be able to finish two Ap Bags. So I suppose I a going to go out into the muggy weather to find some snaps.

Well on the up side I am feeling a little better from the flu like alergy what ever thing that has been dogging me for the last week.

Perhapse I will have some pictures of young people wth their new Ap Bags soon.

There is not much going on other wise. Oliver says hello. Be safe out there and keep your stick on the ice.

Some Sewing

First off is Sergeant Thurmans new Apparatus bag. As se learned new stuff to juggle se need a new bag. She is also on the verge of becoming a standard clown. This in itself is a wonderful thing.

We have decided that each of the new Ap Bag will have a personalised type symbol on th Juggling Baton pouch. Sergeant thurman has opted for a heart shaped peace sign.

I was also working on an ap bag for Sergeant Wilson. She is also doing quite well at juggling. The symbol that she wated was a wee bit more complicated. Still it was fun to make a kitty cat applique. At 1:30 this morning i ran out of black thread so her bag is still in peices. Sadly there is ot a 24 hour sewing store on the South Side of Pittsburgh. I personally think that tere should be. Still that is just my opinion.

Be safe out there and keep your stick on the ice

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Middle of the Night

Edit number five hundred is underway. I am just posting to state that I have the comma.

If I had my way I would removed it from the English language.

Just thought you should all know

Friday, June 11, 2010

New Chapters

I am still working on Ballington booth's Legacy. Just when I thought it was getting close to to done i decided to add a bunch of new stuff to it to make stuff that happens later make more sense.

Today I have been working on several new chapters that have to do with the Yukawa Family. the father is in the earlier series so I figure I need him some more in this one to add some continuity. Also it give him some time to interact with his son.

One thing that this has been keeping me away from is knitting. I have had very little time to knit between this and everything else that is happening. I am thinking of doing a sweater or perhapse some socks.

Well I am just checking in. I have to get back to editing stuff and adding and cutting and all the other goofyness involved with what I am doing.

Be safe out there and keep your stick on the ice

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

There are days

Long time readers will know that i have been working on a book for some time. The book is part of several story arcs that will be dealt with in several books. I( am sure that professional writers accomplish this with complex tables and plot outlines. Me I am writing six books at once. At least I think it is six books. heck by the time I am done it might be nine or ten.

Anyway if I have an important plot element i write the chapter for this plot element through several books so that I am sure that it works out. There is some kind of device that i using in the Chapter title that I hope will make all of this work out. We will see how it goes.

Well I was working on the chapters for the schisim in the church for the third or fourth book. It made me realize that this was a more important plot element than I have been giving it credit for. So that mean that I has to work it's way into the first book. the first book that was already jammed packed with all kind of stuff. So that mean there are going to be several more chapters to the first book.

Well we will see how it goes. Just checking. Be safe out there and keep your stick on the ice.
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