Thursday, June 24, 2010

Clown Sewing Never Ends

This is a picture from the upper incline station. We were coming home from the COIA Meeting on monday. Here you can see Sergeants Thurman and Wilson with the Ap. Bags. Soon to be Junior Clown Brimage has an Apprentice Bag. It is also called an Ap Bag for short. The Appretice bag has fewer pockets. The other Brimage in a yellow shirt still has one of our first generation Aprentice Bags. Some of people found it to be to small. Still they served us for a year or so.
Someone sent me a message on one of te other posts asking me why I call the kids Aprentice and Sergeant. Those are teir clown ranks in the Brigade. Also t is a securit thing. If someone come up to them in the street and does not know their first name then they know something is wrong. Althouh i feel srry for ayone that tries to take any of these girls. Tey are alwas togather and ca proably take any adult that tried to mess with them.

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