Friday, May 27, 2011

Clowen Happening

Well there is not a lot going on here at the old Clown Cave. We are getting ready for some events which is always nice. We have a parade and a visit to a hospital that we have not visited before. That is always an interesting thing for me. I am not sure why I enjoy visiting a new hospital so much. Maybe they are like trophies for Humor Therapy.

I was doing the math and I figured that I have visited 97 Hospitals, Nursing Homes or rehab institutions as a clown. This new one will be the VA in Aspiwal which is just outside Pittsburgh to the north if you are keeping track. It is a nice hospital that is much larger than I thought it was. On Monday after the parade we are taking more than half the Brigade out to go and visit the folks there. Actually I think I will be the most clowns that we have had in face in a long while. We have mostly been doing small institution where we only need two or three clowns to cover the place.

Also on the up side of this show is that it will be the first show for two of the members of the brigade. this is an important first step for any clown. Also a Parade is a great first show for an inexperienced clown. You just walk around and wave at people. Also it gives you a good feel for having a large crowd watch. It is also one of the few kind of shows where you can interact with the public in a completely controlled way. People do not chase you around or demands balloons. So it is a nice low stress thing.

I have continued to work on the instructional booklettes for the clown brigade. I know that it needs done. Still it is a slow and painful thing. There is so much work that needs to be done. And it is going to take years to do. And being at the start of that endeavor is a daunting thing. Well it is something that needs done.

I am thinking of taking a few hours over the weekend and going on another musical safari on the Jpopasia site. Basically I start with one song and after I have listened to it I go to one of the recommended songs at the bottom of the page. A year or two ago I would spend hours a week going from one song to another. Well it is something t do.

Well just checking in You all have a good evening. Be safe out there and keep your stick on the ice.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Some more Randomness

I have been watching a bunch of movies this weekend. I started off with Run Silent Run Deep a Cary Grant Movie. I then watched most of the Die Hard Movies. I really happen to like the new one where they are running all over the place to trying to stop a cyber terrorist. It is high implausible still it is entertaining to watch a bunch of stuff blow up. I think I am going to finish up by watching some of the Yamato Movies. They are on the internet so it should not be that hard to find them.

On other front I am still working on my singing. My Choir Director has told me that I have to work on my Phalsetto voice. I have been singing X Japan songs to practice this. My biggest problem is that I have a hard time changing back and fourth. It seams to be easier to go up rather than down. And apparently if you want to be half way decent at singing you have to be able to go up and down. Well it is a process. So the fat that I am incredibly bad at it right now might actually be a good thing.

The kittens are a week old and still squirming about. A couple of them are just starting to open their eyes. They mother is very protective of them and does not like letting us play with them. It is a wee bit annoying because they are incredibly cute at this stage in life. My other cat Maya is not liking the kitten very much. She is a runt and has been the baby in the house for the better part of the last year. Also Maya is my cat and the mama cat is my wife’s cat. So there is a strange bit of tension there.

I am still working on the basic booklets. I am expecting that will take the better part of six months to get them all into some kind of shape. On the up side of that I am ahead of most of the clowns in the Brigade on making these learning materials. So if I get these done that will give the more seniors clowns in the Brigade something to work on for a while. The nice thing about some of the more advanced proficiencies is that there is a lot off stuff that has been written on magic. So I am not reinventing the wheel here. I am just putting a few things together.

I think I also need to spend some time cleaning my desk. I had organized a couple weeks ago and it is full of junk again. Actually it would be easy if it was full of junk. I could just throw away the stuff that I did not need. It is full of all the stuff that I need to do these various projects. After the cleaning I am going to take a picture of my desk. There is a thread in the Forum of Jpopasia about what your desk top looks like. I think they are talking about something on the computer. I think It would be sarcastic and funny to go analog on them with a picture of my actual desk top.

Well everyone have fun out there and keep your stick on the ice.
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