Thursday, May 07, 2009

Monday, May 04, 2009

Production Monday

Monday Knitting that was once on the South Side is at out Corps. We also take the chance to work on some other projects during the group.

Something we have been messing about with is a trophy wall for the Brigade. This was the white shield that we have been working on before the meeting. By the way the White Shield is what we call our logo. Namely because it is a large white Shield with other stuff on it.

As you can see that red Army Shield is missing from the center at this point.

In the case of our white shield there is the black ship's wheel with the name of the Brigade and the year it was founded. In the center of that is The Salvation Army's red shield.

Over to the left in the second picture we see JC Thurman painting the red shield that will be placed in the blank white space on the ship's wheel.

The thing is made on half inch plywood so it is pain to paint inside all the letters. Miss Thurman is taking great care to get everything red on this piece. Sergeant Wilson also worked on their piece today. She put on the first coat.

This is one of the last things that we have to do in order to get the Clown Cave ready for the first Garabedian Academy.

To be honest when we first wanted to do this I wanted to just pain the thing on the wall. Walt said that he thought it should be cut out of wood and put on the wall like this. I did not think that it could be done very well. Walt proved me wrong and has done an excellent job.

Well have a good night everyone. Be safe out there and keep your stick on the ice.

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Missing Character

Today I realized there is an entire character missing. This mean there will have to be another couple chapters. The character is not really important in the first couple books. Still I cannot just have them show up out of no where.

On the up side I have settled on the title for the second book in The Salvation Navy Series. It will be The Eleven Doctrine. This is referring to the Eleven Doctrine of The Salvation Army. If you are in The Salvation Army that is a cool thing. The title of the third book in the series will have something to do with The President of The United States. The other four books in the series are still rough outlines.

While I am working on the book I have been listening to the music on and the yahoo radio. It has been interesting switching between the two.

On the down side of all this stuff I have missed the last two South Hills Knitting Cult meetings. WE have had Army happening on both evenings. JC Thurman has really wanted to go. Well sadly it could not be helped.

Be safe out there and keep your stick on the ice.

Saturday, May 02, 2009

Random Stuff

Well the last few weeks have been strange. Every couple days I reread the book and decide it needs a new chapter here or there. Sometimes this is to fix a plot hole. Other times it is to support something in one of the other books in the series. For some reason it feels as if I will never finish this book.

To be honest until recently I have not felt very comfortable with this book. Around four hundred pages though I was beginning to get the feeling that it might turn out to be something that was not an entire waste of time. Now at over five hundred it almost is coherent to me. I suppose it should probably make seance. If no one can understand it no one will buy it.

On the up side I feel that with ever passing read I find more of gramatical and puntation flaws. I am sure there are spelling problems. Still the computer is fairly good at dealing with those.

Anyway Just checking in to vent about some of the random annoying stuff with the book. On the up side I will have it finished soon. Or it will sneak up on me and kill me in my sleep. So if you stop hearing from me you know the book won.

Something to Share

This is an article someone sent me so I thought I should share it with you all.

Environmentalist Loved Planet, Murdered Girlfriend

Wednesday, April 22, 2009
Today is Earth Day, a holiday created to honor the planet and to raise the consciousness of man’s effect on the environment. Philadelphia has a very strong tie to this day. One of its native sons, Ira Einhorn, was a co-founder of the environmentalist jubilee.

But Mr. Einhorn has another line on his resume. In addition to being a environmental guru, he is the Unicorn Killer.

While a student at the University of Pennsylvania, Mr. Einhorn dated a Bryn Mawr College graduate by the name of Holly Maddux. When the affair ended in 1977, Mr. Einhorn went into a jealous rage and murdered her.

He concealed his crime for 18 months by stuffing Ms. Maddux’s body in a trunk that he kept in his apartment. The foul odor of the decomposing corpse coming from Mr. Einhorn’s Powelton Village apartment caused neighbors to complain. In 1979, police found the trunk stored in a closet in Mr. Einhorn’s apartment.

Ira Einhorn, member of the counterculture pantheon, one of the founders of the environmentalist movement, icon of the liberal intelligentsia, was charged with murder. But it was not just a simple murder, it was a gruesome case of domestic violence.

At the bail hearing, Mr. Einhorn was praised by a contingent of luminaries — all testifying to his character. There were Ivy League professors, an Episcopalian minister and corporate executives who worked with Mr. Einhorn raising funds. They all stated under oath that he was a man of the greatest integrity.

Arlen Specter, currently Pennsylvania’s senior United States Senator, was Mr. Einhorn’s attorney. He managed to get the bail set at the unheard of amount of $40,000 for the suspected murderer. Only 10 percent was needed to free him. Barbara Bronfman, heiress to the Seagram liquor fortune, paid it.

Proclaiming his innocence, Mr. Einhorn told all that he was framed. He said it was the CIA or the FBI who committed the murder and they were trying to frame him for it because of his political activities.

Some will note that another notorious Philadelphia murderer, Mumia Abu Jamal, used this defense a few years later. Like Mumia, Mr. Einhorn had no shortage of leftist followers.

Mr. Einhorn skipped bail and left Philadelphia in 1981. More than a decade passed when the DA's office tried Mr. Einhorn in absentia after being unable to locate him. He was convicted in 1993.

Several years after the absentia conviction, in 1997, Mr. Einhorn was located. He was living in France with a new girlfriend — a Swedish woman. The District Attorney’s office in Philadelphia immediately asked to have him extradited. However, the humane French refused to extradite Mr. Einhorn. French officals cited the use of capital punishment in Pennsylvania and the conviction in absentia as reasons for their refusal.

Mr. Einhorn was able to convince the French courts not to extradite him until he received the promise of a new trial. A Pennsylvania legislator, Dan O’Brien, introduced a bill in the Pennsylvania General Assembly that allowed granting Mr. Einhorn a new trial, if he asked for it, and if the French extradited him. The bill did not vacate the original verdict.

When France began extradition, Mr. Einhorn’s representatives requested the European Court of Human Rights to review the case. The request was denied.

He was extradited to Pennsylvania in July 2001. He was tried, convicted and sentenced to life in prison October 17, 2002.

But there is a little mentioned irony about the Einhorn saga.

Ira Einhorn was arrested for murder March 28, 1979, the day the Three Mile Island nuclear plant accident occurred. Ira Einhorn, environmentalist, was charged with murder during the same period as one of the greatest environmental accidents in United States history.

But the real irony is that more people died in the apartment of Ira Einhorn, co-founder of Earth Day than at Three Mile Island. The environmentalist killed more people than the so-called environmental disaster.
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