Monday, May 04, 2009

Production Monday

Monday Knitting that was once on the South Side is at out Corps. We also take the chance to work on some other projects during the group.

Something we have been messing about with is a trophy wall for the Brigade. This was the white shield that we have been working on before the meeting. By the way the White Shield is what we call our logo. Namely because it is a large white Shield with other stuff on it.

As you can see that red Army Shield is missing from the center at this point.

In the case of our white shield there is the black ship's wheel with the name of the Brigade and the year it was founded. In the center of that is The Salvation Army's red shield.

Over to the left in the second picture we see JC Thurman painting the red shield that will be placed in the blank white space on the ship's wheel.

The thing is made on half inch plywood so it is pain to paint inside all the letters. Miss Thurman is taking great care to get everything red on this piece. Sergeant Wilson also worked on their piece today. She put on the first coat.

This is one of the last things that we have to do in order to get the Clown Cave ready for the first Garabedian Academy.

To be honest when we first wanted to do this I wanted to just pain the thing on the wall. Walt said that he thought it should be cut out of wood and put on the wall like this. I did not think that it could be done very well. Walt proved me wrong and has done an excellent job.

Well have a good night everyone. Be safe out there and keep your stick on the ice.

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