Saturday, November 30, 2013

Kettle Stand One

Everything has to start somewhere. For the Brigade our fundraising activities started standing kettle for The Salvation Army. Since we have been apart from the Army we have not done a great deal of fundraising until this year. We have done some hoagie sales and a little of this and that. This spring i got out and stood a little Kettle for the Brigade.

By the way standing kettle is standing outside a store with a bucket and ringing a ball. I do own a bell but I rarely used it. Usually i would juggle and sing Christmas Carols. I should probably have mentioned this sooner.

Anyway tonight I have my stand ready, my carol cards and juggling balls. I always feel like the holiday season is starting when I get out there on a kettle. If you want to stop by I will be at the Combodican Kitchen on the South Side. Which by the way has the best Seafood Wontons in the commonwealth.

Over the years I have stood kettle at lots of stores and have never recomended one on my blog. The Cambodican Kitchen  will be the first. If you want some good food this is the place. It is also the only restaurant that I stop at weekly. And it is not because I stand kettle there. There were lots of places I stood kettle near and would rather bring a sandwich than eat the food.

Maybe someday it will mean something. As for today the Cambodian Kitchen is our first Kettle Stand.Kettle Stand One.

Be safe out there and keep your stick on the ice.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Package for Someone

I have had this package for one of the members of my troupe for a month or so. When I do not have it I see this person. When I have it I do not see this person.

Of course it is books and it is heavy when you are toting it around in a bag of juggling stuff.

When I tell them it I had it on my person yesterday I think they think i am messing with them. So i am posting it here. For what ever reason I am getting into wrapping things in brown paper. I am trying not to use tons of notebooks to save tree but I am wrapping things in paper. That must be some kind of mental illness. I am sure that someone will make a drug that cures this but causes temporary blindness or make you need to wear a diaper.

Well there is some random poorly spelled stuff. Thank you for listening.
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