Thursday, November 28, 2013

Package for Someone

I have had this package for one of the members of my troupe for a month or so. When I do not have it I see this person. When I have it I do not see this person.

Of course it is books and it is heavy when you are toting it around in a bag of juggling stuff.

When I tell them it I had it on my person yesterday I think they think i am messing with them. So i am posting it here. For what ever reason I am getting into wrapping things in brown paper. I am trying not to use tons of notebooks to save tree but I am wrapping things in paper. That must be some kind of mental illness. I am sure that someone will make a drug that cures this but causes temporary blindness or make you need to wear a diaper.

Well there is some random poorly spelled stuff. Thank you for listening.

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