Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Scribling Stuff Here There and on the Internet

Still trying to get back into the swing of blogging. When I started this thing I was adding a post everyday. Now I am luck if I do it once a week.

It might have something to do with the amount of writing that I am doing on other fronts. I am still slugging away at the science fiction series. I am very please with how that is going. Chopping up the first round of stories into short stories has been an interesting thing. It will not work for the later stoies. They ar simply too complicated. Still it is an interesting thing.

Of course I am still slowly chipping away at the clown ubertext. i do think that I am going to die with that unfinished. I suppose that is why I am training new clowns. i will need a new master to take my place when i shuffle off this mortal coil.

The Clown brigade has decided to put together an entirely new show. This show will be based on the parable of the rich man. This is fun scripture that has all kinds of stuff that clowns can do with it. I am frankly surprised that we had not used it yet.

One of the more interesting things with this show if that we are going to write some of the music that is going into the show. The truely rough part is trying to write church music on an accordion. I think that there is a special place in Hell for people that perform the kind of music we are doing on the accordion.

Also two of the younger clowns are writing bits for the show. One of the young ladies that is writing stuff for the show is dangerously close to getting a writing proficiency. I think that will put her within one proficiency of getting the Standard Clown Rank. It will be like the old times. Someone that is not even a teenager earning such a lofty clown rank. Good Times

be safe out there and keep your stick on the ice.

Thursday, April 08, 2010

Juggling Progress

Two of our Jr Clowns and an Apprentice are working on rings and scarves. With out my asking them they have begun team juggling. This is great. We have been having issued with juggling. Frankly I can understand why someone would hate juggling. I was not very good at it while I was learning. And even though i can do it now I am still not that good at it. I suppose I am better than some still, there are a slew of people that are better than me.

Anyway today i am heading out to pick up a new batch of juggling equipment. It does a heart good to see progress in such things.

Out ad in the paper started yesterday looking for new clowns. This add will also help us figure out where our advertising dollars should best be spent for a Clown for Hire type business.

Well just checking in. Be safe out there and keep your stick on the ice.

Monday, April 05, 2010

Radio 1

I has been a kind of Radio 1 day.It is odd because yesterday was definitely a radio 6 day.

Anyway I have been working on this and that today nothing terribly focused. Anyway I have been listening to the punk show on Radio 1. it is the sort of music that you cannot get on the radio around this.

Yester was waiting for the new Who to appear on the web. So of course the was the Craig Charles Funk Show on BBC 6. Perhpase I have a Brittish reader or two that will relate to some of this.

Anyway I am really behind on my knitting. i did not even finish my winter knitting for this year and Easter has come and gone. I suppose that doing a bunch of sewing has killed by knitting. Still you cannot take the machine on the bus so that has been some knitting getting done just not much.

Well I am just checkin in for some random sillyness. Be safe out there and keep your stick on the ice.

Saturday, April 03, 2010

There are Days

There are days when i know that I am a huge nerd. This happens to be one of those days.

Today was the premire of the fifth Dr. Who of the reincarnation with Matt Smith as the Doctor. Like everyone with a new Dr. you wonder if he is going to be good. I remeber when Colin Baker back the Dr. i was not impressed. Sylvester McCoy was better but he was no Tom Baker.

No matter how you cut it was a great episode. I will not go into detail because it has not aired in the states. Still great on multiple levels. I will say that he did not work with the Tardis and he did everything with out his normal tech. It was wonderful.

Also I found a store in the Strip that sells the economy size Pocky. There are ni9ne packets for four dollars. That is awesome on multiple levels. The Brigade is going to be seriously happy with my new find. There is Pocky for everyone just in time for Easter. And frankly i was willing to blow 20 bucks to get Pocky for everyone. Nice to know that I do not have to.
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