Wednesday, May 29, 2013

God times throwing fire

I had fun at Duck Hollow yesterday. It was the Brigade's first juggling at Duck Hollow of the season. This is me juggling torches in my kilt. The picture is blurry because I was moving so fast. It has nothing to do with trying to use a camera phone at night.

Anyway it was a neat evening. We did not have a bunch of people but the people we had were a nice mix so it was a nice evening.

I would like to think the Fire Arts community in Pittsburgh is starting to turn the corner. Yesterday I did not have to explain to anyone that they should not be drunk or standing next to the fuel pit. Also not once did I have to tell a drunk smoker that they were standing next to something flammable.

The sad thing is was almost entirely a new group of people. The folks that showed up at Duck Hollow last year who defended drunken spinning where not there. So there is no proof that they learned anything from the police periodically breaking up the spinning groups last year. It would have been nice to save the Pittsburgh Fire Arts Group. With the way things a going they will simply become another irrelevant internet group.

Well safe safe out there everyone

Thursday, May 09, 2013

2:33 AM

It is early in the morning and I am once again without sleep. Actually I feel like I could sleep but it does not happen.

I have been working on several thing of various degrees of importance. I am working on a way to increase the rate of fire on the Brigade confettie cannon the Clownzooka. I am back to working on the LAst Brigadier. I also have three grant proposals for the Clown Briagde in the works. They are not due for some time but I need to stay ahead of such things.

Everyone who writes a book thinks they are going to write the great American Novel. I suppose that is mostly Americans that think that. Anyway, I think The Last Brigadier may be my best shot at that title. The more I work on it the more I like the characters. Also I know exactly where this book is going to go. Heck I even have a plot outline written out.

The book was started three years ago. In it is a character who is a Baptist Preacher in a church up the Hill from where the Brigadier was once stationed. His fictional atributes are very similar to my current minister's actual existance. I wonder if I knew about him in the back of my mind when I created this character.

Well be safe out there. And keep your stick on the ice.

Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Ted Nuggent Once Knew the Way

This is not the man I want in control of gun control. Maybe if I had an electric guitar I would want him around. At the end of the Video Ted does prove that we do not need guns. Please watch.

You see Ted is able to fend off the flying bullets from an army of cops with his tasty guitar riff. So kids put down you guns and pick up a guitar.

Sunday, May 05, 2013

Bad Crickets

I do not know a great deal about fire arms. Nor am I an expert on raising children.

Even so this is what the NRA is defending. The kid in the picture cannot be more than ten even if they are really short. I have met many ten year olds. Being a clown you get to meet lots of kids. I am not sure I would have wanted any of them to be armed.

I remember when people were outraged by Joe Camel. Joe was a cartoon Camel that smoked Camel Cigarettes. He was always in a cool popular place with good looking women in awe as he played the piano or golfed or what ever upright cartoon camels do. In Joe's defense none of the kids who took up smoking because he was smoking killed their siblings with second hand smoke. Well not with the same efficiency that you can do it with a cricket rifle.

At least with cigarettes it took years to kill people. If you follow Jimminy's boot wearing cousin you can take about todlers left and right. It was interesting listening to a discussion on the "news" channel about this. The Gun Defender was claiming it was a good idea for kids to learn things young. He claimed there was a great heritage in our nation of learning things while being young.

You know I teach young people how to juggle. You have seen the videos on this blog if you are long time reader. Have you ever seen a kids with a set of swords in their hands or torches. No because it is too dangerous.

When will Americans realize five year olds with guns are dangerous? Perhaps the NRA wants all the kindergarder kids to have baby rifles to prevent the next school shooting.

Friday, May 03, 2013

Juggling & Name that VIdscast

Work continues on the Vidpodwhats it. We have not named it yet. We have come up with a couple of bits that will be part of the show. One of the bits will be the news. WE have been working on that one a lot. We are trying to figure out who is the best mix of people to use and how to approach it. We have also been getting in some practice on just doing the thing. once decision that we have come up is that we would like to have the title animated. There is a young person named Rosetta McBride who does this neat thing where she draws a cartoon and sets it to music. I would like to have her do the titles. This is a video of her drawing a cartoon This is her learning how to juggle. Some day we will convince her to join the circus. We be safe out there and keep you stick on the ice.

Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Clown News

This is the news from 4/30/2013, sort of.

Give the Yahoos Nuclear Weapons

I do not understand why the recent gun legislation failed. I have to wonder how bad it will have to get before the second amendment is no longer needed. How many innocent people will have to die before we do not think unstable people need guns. I am a clown and no constitutional scholar. Even so it is my understanding that the amendments are changed from time to time as our nation changes. We once thought the Demon rum was so bad that we had to prevent it's use at all costs. Then we later decided that was not the case. So why is the second amendment so important that it cannot change. Do we need a well ordered militia to stand against tyranny? What nation on this planet can defeat our military? And if no nation can defeat us why would we think our citizenry could stand against our military. If everyone that wanted a machine gun could have one would they be able to take down the US Military? No matter how many people are in your militia they cannot stand against a squadron of F 22s or a carrier group. So we as Americans must trust that our Army and Navy are not going to oppress us. There are two alternatives. We can reduce our military to the point a group of yahoos with machine gun can stand against them. Or we can give the yahoos their own nuclear weapons and Naval carrier groups. Those are the only two solutions that will give the citizens parity with the military. Well call me stupid but I personally think the US Military has my back. Be safe out there and keep you stick off the ice.
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