Thursday, May 09, 2013

2:33 AM

It is early in the morning and I am once again without sleep. Actually I feel like I could sleep but it does not happen.

I have been working on several thing of various degrees of importance. I am working on a way to increase the rate of fire on the Brigade confettie cannon the Clownzooka. I am back to working on the LAst Brigadier. I also have three grant proposals for the Clown Briagde in the works. They are not due for some time but I need to stay ahead of such things.

Everyone who writes a book thinks they are going to write the great American Novel. I suppose that is mostly Americans that think that. Anyway, I think The Last Brigadier may be my best shot at that title. The more I work on it the more I like the characters. Also I know exactly where this book is going to go. Heck I even have a plot outline written out.

The book was started three years ago. In it is a character who is a Baptist Preacher in a church up the Hill from where the Brigadier was once stationed. His fictional atributes are very similar to my current minister's actual existance. I wonder if I knew about him in the back of my mind when I created this character.

Well be safe out there. And keep your stick on the ice.

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