Saturday, July 18, 2009

Someone Should have Told me This

you know about once a week I come across an artist on this site that I think someone should have told me about. Of course I have musical taste that ranges the entire range of what music can me. The Music that I like goes from Kana to Charlie Zahm.

By the way for those that do not know Charlie Zahm is possibly the best Scottish folk singer roaming the world today. I know he probably does not get to Japan very much. Still Morning Musume does not get to Pittsburgh very much so we are even on that front.

Incidentally this post has nothing to with Kana or Chalie Zahm. That is just incase you are still reading this. Still I am probably the first person to put up a picture of Charlie on this site. Yes I know he does not have a Scottish name. His father is hungarian. He and I share that in common. Although I do have a Scottish name. So at least I have that going for me

Ami Suzuki 2 Pictures, Images and Photos

Why and the bloody hell didn't someone tell me about Ami Suzuki. You see I am thinking about the British Isles now and am using words like bloody. Alright I am thinking about the wrong set of island. I need to thing more about Japan.

Budah Pictures, Images and Photos

Buddha that is not Japan enough. Hmm I need to think of something that is more Japanese to get back on subject.

!!! Pictures, Images and Photos

Well I have no idea what is going on here. For all I know it is a plan to raise the Japanese Empire Again. Still if this is the modern face of the Japanese Milkitary I like our chances.

Alphaville Pictures, Images and Photos

Ah yes there it is. When I think of Japan I think of Alphaville. It was a a band from the 80's that sang a song called Big in Japan. Incidentally I think the song big in Japan should be allowed on the jpopasia web site.

Alright so there are not Japanese people in the song. And it looks as if the song was filmed in California. Still California has given us the California roll. Japan is like the United States. They are no longer their own thing.

There are people all over the world that wear blue jeans and shoot people for no good reason and listen to rock and roll. All of those things are so American that it hurts to think about them sometimes. Especially the shooting people for no good reason.

Well Japan has cultural influences that they no longer have control over. Like if you go to Mexico there are now Taco Bells. Does anyone in Mexico thing that is mexican food. Of course not. Still it is tasty and make people think of Mejico.

By the way I have wondered away from my point again.

铃木亜美1 Pictures, Images and Photos

Ah yes that is what I was rambling about. Someone should have told me about Ami Suzuki. I like her music and think someone should have told me that I would like her music.

Actually I could have just written that last paragraph and been done with this post.

Oh well Be safe out there and keep your stick on the ice.
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