Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Monday Group

Hello Everybody

This Memorial Day we still met at the Bee Hive. Knitting stop for no one. We had a couple guests we have so we still had a large group even though some of us had obligations else where. The Black Bag is coming along well. And we knit a little hat for another Flamingo. This one was near the air condition so he is going to be cold this year.

Sally and Zoltan are having a good time as they lay around in the air conditioning.

On another subject I am looking for long rubber or plastic knitting needles. The old flexible ones like Sears used to make. With disasters a coming I am looking for needles I knit on planes with. I have a few but the one that dies with the most toys wins.

It looks like I will be able to go the Wednesday Wasterfront group this week. I am not sure how much longer I can go with my schedule constantly changing. Well we shall see.

Every one have a great day and keep your stick on the ice.

Friday, May 26, 2006

Hive Knitting a Quest to Take Over the World

This way lies madness - The Flamingo Scarf was brought to us by David Arquette. Well that is what the tag says.

Well maybe not the world but at the very least the Bee Hive. I have some exciting pictures of the first two things that have been knit for in the Hive. We put a scarf on a flamingo and another on a angel. If you stop by the hive try and find them. Even better yet come down to the Bee Hive on Mondays for the group.

The small bit of yarn used for the angel and the balls in the background were given to me by a nice lady from the Water Front Knitting Group. I don't mention her name because I am not sure she would want to be named. Regardless a valuable lesson was given to a new knitter and fun was had by all.

Also as a note I received an email about Debbie Stroller's new book. I am thinking of submitting a clown scarf. I am sure it would be a hoot even though it would proabably not make the book. Still it is a good beginner project and looks like you put and insane amount of effort into it. If anyone would like the details about the message please email me at zeeppo_the_great@yahoo.com and I will forward it to you {the are underscores}.

As a pet update Sally is still nuts and the cat is still our fierce protector. It I ever get a working digital camera I will take pictures of them.

Monday, May 22, 2006

Away for a While & Pittsburgh Knitting Update

I have been out at my church camp for a while and have not had the opportunity to post. As an up date I finished the blue baby blanket and are well underway on the Black Knitting Bag. At the last Hive Knitting group we decided that on of the flamingo looked cold. So I knit him a scarf. Because it was an ugly scarf I did not want to take credit for it. So we left a note saying the David Arquette knit it. And man that would publish a book wearing a pink scarf would not mind knitting one for a flamingo.

Almost the best news of all happened last week. After four years of marriage my wife has crocheted something. It is not knitting but it is a step. I am not sure how I feel about my wife being a Hooker as Debbie Stroller would put it. Still, it is a step.

I am worried that she will now think she can have at my yarn stash. I know they said until death do we part. Still, they said nothing about sharing the yarn. I supposed I will have to at some point, but, I will not do it willingly.

Well have fun everyone. I am looking for a part time job and it would be nice to find something in the knitting field. If anyone has some ideas let me know.

And for joy for joy I am told my blog is on Pittsburgh Knitting. It warms my heart and is one of the greatest acomplishments of my short life thus far. I would like to thank the Acadamy and and I glad to know they love me they really do.

Have a good week everyone and keep your stick on the ice.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Monday Group

We had a very good group on Monday. I have given up on the cables for the flap on the black bag. My yarn is too thick and I do not want to go with multiple yarn sizes. I will probably use a sport weight yard on the side to put cables in there. The new black bag pattern will leave more room for the tree I wanted to pu on the front. It should be nicer when it is done.

Just for fun we knit a scarf for the flamingo near the disco ball in the Bee Hive. If anyone is there take a look. It is a brick red scarf just for the fun of it. We should probably knit tea cozies for all of the tea pot just for fun.

My wife Carol joined us for the group and even crotched. It was an impressive feat since she had not done it for several decades. She is out now buying yarn and has probably stolen several balls from my stash. I will have to lock up my office in the basement.

Have a good week and drop by the Bee Hive on Mondays if you are near by.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

The Evil Black Bag

I continue to have mixed feeling about what the bag should look like. I would prefer a good cable that fits nicely into ten stitches. Maybe I should be doing something lighter with it than a 6x6 cable. I would like it to be more elongated but have not quite found it yet. I am open to any suggestions.

That is my quandary for the day. Carol would like to have a female cat. I like cats but Zoltan and Sally have an odd relationship and think I third may throw it off balance. We will see. And we will probably not get another cat till after the day care is fully open. Time will tell. Perhaps we will get a little Evangeline.

I am heading off to a Fire Association this evening and will probably not get much done. Still, as always it will be interesting.

Have a good evening and watch out for nature.

Friday, May 12, 2006

Accomplishing A lot of Not Much

I am very disappointed with the cable patterns that I have for the edge on the Knitting Bag. I have tried and frogged three patterns. One I thought would be nice for a scarf. So I now have a foot on a green cabled scarf that will probably go to some shelter somewhere.

I also want to make a vest out of this denim stuff that is made by Rowan. It is fairly expensive and more then I usually spend on myself. Still it will be nice to fool around with it since I have never used this type of yarn. They say that it will wear like a denim shirt.

If it turns out nice perhaps I will have found something that my wife would like. It has also been along time since I have made a piece of clothing for an adult. So it will be nice to make something for someone that is more than two feet tall.

The Blue blanket is finished. I have duplicate stitched the child's name and will be giving it to him in church on Sunday. It will be cuddle and fun I hope.

Have a good day and keep you stick on the ice.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Black Knitting Bag and Other Stuff

I have been working on the bag for a couple days and it has taken me a couple trys to get the cabling pattern I like. I will post a picture when I have enough of it done to show. The flap will have a set of cables running up either side and a tree knit into the center.

For those that are interested both Zoltan and Sally are doing well. They have both discovered the joy of Acrylic Floor Paint this week. Neither was injured even though Carol and I were willing to injure them.

The folks at the Water Front were making skeins of yarn for dyeing and fun was had by all. I considering visiting a few of the other local group around here. I have been to the one in Garfield at the Quiet Storm. Perhaps I will try one in the North Hills since I have not been out there.

Thus far my quest to find other male knitters who are willing to knit in public has yeilded no finds. I am told there are a couple out there but I have not made contact yet. Perhaps they are hiding out McKnight Rd.

On other front I have been accepted into the Yinz Knit group on Yahoo and am still sad that I am not on the Pittsburgh knitting site. Hope springs eternal.

Email me if there is anything interesting out there

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Random Thoughts

I believe I have figured out my picture posting problems. The picture bellow is the black knitting bag that I am making. I decided the flap will have a tree knit in the center and a set of cables going up with side. There will be room in the bag for my set of metal 14 inch needles and a large project and a couple pounds of yarn.

We had another good group on Monday at the Bee Hive. I don't have a working digital camera so I am going to pester the members that do to send pictures for the Blog. There are doing construction in my Computer Lab so I get some time off. I hope to make some real progress on the bag during this time. Everyone keeps having baby and a never seem to get this bag started.

The Blue blanket is finished except for the Child's name. I will be duplicate stitching that in a place I have left for it. I will take a few picture of it and post them when I have a free moment. I will try and stop by the group at the WaterFront to show them since they were interested.

Men need to knit in Public...............
I do not understand why I have gone nearly a year with out seeing a male knitting. Gents there is nothing to be scared of. Besides being a constructive thing to do it is a good way to meet women. My wife hit on me when she first saw me because I was knitting. If you do not know how stop by our Monday group at the Bee Hive on the South Side at 7:00 PM.

Have a good day everyone. And remember artificial fibers are your friend. Stop the needless suffering of Sheep. Kill plants.....

Yarn for Knitting Bag

This is the Yarn and Needles for my Knitting Bag.

Friday, May 05, 2006

More Rings

congratulations to me.

I have been accepted into most of the knitting rings that I have listed on my Side Bar. If any one has a ring that you think I should join please let me know. I went to the Thursday monthly group at Panera on Blvd. of the Allies in Oakland. There were four folks there and fun was had by all.

I have decided to spend my time working on my knitting bag. It is going to be so manly that Rosie Grier would be proud. The black is a Red Heart Acrylic, the green is a Moria 65% Nylon, 20% Acrylic and 12% Mohair. I will add a picture of the yarn and the needles when I can upload. The bag is going to be black designed somewhat like a bicycle messenger's bag. There will be cables on the sides of the flap.I will knit a tree trunk and branches in the the center and I will duplicate stitch the leaves in with the green.

I am not using a pattern. If anyone is truly interested I will write one after I have knit the bag.

As always have a blessed day.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

First Ring

I know it is not that exciting but my blog has been accepted by Men Who Knit. It is the first Ring that I have been accepted to. For joy for joy.

Also the Knitting group on the South Side is doing well. Over the week end most of us took a field trip to the. We had much fun and there. Perhaps we will take a trip to a petrochemical factory where we can see some acrylic yarn being made.

Monday, May 01, 2006

Hive Knitting May 1

Our knitting group on the South Side of Pittsburgh has been going for a couple months now. We have a good group of regulars and have begun attracting people from else where. Any one with some free time should stop by.

I am most of the way through the blue baby blanket and have finished the pink one. When I am able to post some pictures I will. Perhaps I will even put up some of those progress graphics I see on other knitting pages. For those keeping track the blue one it is made of a cotton acrylic blend.
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