Saturday, May 13, 2006

The Evil Black Bag

I continue to have mixed feeling about what the bag should look like. I would prefer a good cable that fits nicely into ten stitches. Maybe I should be doing something lighter with it than a 6x6 cable. I would like it to be more elongated but have not quite found it yet. I am open to any suggestions.

That is my quandary for the day. Carol would like to have a female cat. I like cats but Zoltan and Sally have an odd relationship and think I third may throw it off balance. We will see. And we will probably not get another cat till after the day care is fully open. Time will tell. Perhaps we will get a little Evangeline.

I am heading off to a Fire Association this evening and will probably not get much done. Still, as always it will be interesting.

Have a good evening and watch out for nature.

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