Friday, May 26, 2006

Hive Knitting a Quest to Take Over the World

This way lies madness - The Flamingo Scarf was brought to us by David Arquette. Well that is what the tag says.

Well maybe not the world but at the very least the Bee Hive. I have some exciting pictures of the first two things that have been knit for in the Hive. We put a scarf on a flamingo and another on a angel. If you stop by the hive try and find them. Even better yet come down to the Bee Hive on Mondays for the group.

The small bit of yarn used for the angel and the balls in the background were given to me by a nice lady from the Water Front Knitting Group. I don't mention her name because I am not sure she would want to be named. Regardless a valuable lesson was given to a new knitter and fun was had by all.

Also as a note I received an email about Debbie Stroller's new book. I am thinking of submitting a clown scarf. I am sure it would be a hoot even though it would proabably not make the book. Still it is a good beginner project and looks like you put and insane amount of effort into it. If anyone would like the details about the message please email me at and I will forward it to you {the are underscores}.

As a pet update Sally is still nuts and the cat is still our fierce protector. It I ever get a working digital camera I will take pictures of them.

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