Friday, May 05, 2006

More Rings

congratulations to me.

I have been accepted into most of the knitting rings that I have listed on my Side Bar. If any one has a ring that you think I should join please let me know. I went to the Thursday monthly group at Panera on Blvd. of the Allies in Oakland. There were four folks there and fun was had by all.

I have decided to spend my time working on my knitting bag. It is going to be so manly that Rosie Grier would be proud. The black is a Red Heart Acrylic, the green is a Moria 65% Nylon, 20% Acrylic and 12% Mohair. I will add a picture of the yarn and the needles when I can upload. The bag is going to be black designed somewhat like a bicycle messenger's bag. There will be cables on the sides of the flap.I will knit a tree trunk and branches in the the center and I will duplicate stitch the leaves in with the green.

I am not using a pattern. If anyone is truly interested I will write one after I have knit the bag.

As always have a blessed day.

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