Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Looking for New Blogs

I have noticed that many of the blogs that I have been reading over the years have begun to fall off. So if anyone out there thinks they have a great blog that they are reading let me know.

I have been looking for some clown blogs. Most of them are inactive. Wouldn't it be a shame if I am the only clown in the internet blogging. Well there are a couple I have found that I am keeping an eye on. One the guy claims that he does not have to juggle do balloon animals or even wear make up. So he is a truck drive that claims not to need a truck. Well if I like any of these I might start a clown blog section on the old blog.

I came across one named Johny the clown this is about a skinny woman with an eating disorder trying on clothes.

There is an Abstinence clown blog that I am not going to share the address to because it is offensive and useless.

Monday, November 26, 2012

PPD Hates You

Over the last several months I have been complaining about the fact all my neighbors park on the sidewalk. Because of this I have to walk in the street. If I walk in the street they cuss me out when they drive past. And since everyone has at least two cars there is no room for parking. Thus they park so close together a pedestrian cannot walk between the car. The Pittsburgh Police refused to ticket these cars.

So I called the Mayor's Office to complain. I then received a call from Commander McNeily. She said she had no intention of ticketing the cars. I asked her if it was because her squad cars break this very same law. She claimed this was not happening. I told her I had taken several pictures of police cars on the side walk. She did not care. Also the police station is within sight of the blocked sidewalk.

It is amazing that the police are not incumbered by following the law themselves. It is no wonder the general public in Pittsburgh appears to be trusting the police less and less. The city knocked down three houses so that this station could have enough parking for their cars. When this picture was taken there were fifteen empty parking spaces in their lot. Still this bit of sidewalk is closer to the door. Also the new sidewalk is now cracked where the police are parking their cars. Of course the good people Pittsburgh are going to be paying to repair that.

You have to wonder. If the police can lie to the public when it is obvious they are wrong what else are they lying about? Why does it take three armed men to take down an unarmed teenage? Why do the police jump into a car during a traffic stop? Why is the police force mostly white males?

If you see the police stopping someone take their pictures. You need to do this especially if the person they are stopping is black and male. The Pittsburgh Police have a habit of trying to kill them for being black. You might be saving someone's life. 

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Space 1999 on MST3K sort of

Every once and while some TV Producer does something truely strange. One of those things was taking two episodes of Space 1999 and putting them together to make this movie.

Enjoy,,,, if you can

Thursday, November 15, 2012


Mystery Science Theater 3000 still continued to pop in my viewing schedule from time to time. It has bee a while since it has been off the air and I have not seen every episode. I Do beleive most of them are on the Youtube at this point.

Here is a random one I was watching in the background yesterday.

Mighty Jack

I still loved the Mystery Science Theater 3000. Mighty Jack is one of the greatest things Sandy Frank has ever done. Here it is if you have missed it.

Be safe out there and keep your stick on the ice.

Friday, November 09, 2012

Go Round Remix

This is a remix of a new Namie Amuro Song. Good Times There is no video still it is a nice little song.

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