Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Blogging Failures

Well I posted something with the phone. Apparently you can only send so much at one time with the text messages. I am sure this is something that every six year old knows. Even so it was a wonderful learning experince for me. Also I wonder how you do spell checking with the text message.

As some research I looked up text messageing on the internet. Apparently people use abbreviations so that they can put longer test into a smaller space. This is a fascinating thing. Apprently OMG mean Oh My God. that is an interesting thing. I am sure that everyone else on the planet already knew this stuff. Still it is something new to me.

Well I will be doing some research on the texting nomenclature. Perhapse I can find a book on all the abbreviations.

Be safe out there and keep your stick on the ice.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

onies worth then.
This is my first text on blogger. Iam heading home from practice. We had 4 people on stilts. I wonder of I am charged by the character? I should get my m

Monday, November 28, 2011

Random Stuff

The struggle to learn Japanese continues. Apparently I stink at learning languages. Well it is something to keep things interesting.

We had a great day at the CMU Juggling yesterday. All of our folks were on the stilts and even one of the CMU students praved the aluminium legs. I have some pictures on my phone that I cano get off at the moment. I will have to have one of the young people in the group get them off for me.

On the subject of the young people they are off from school today as well. I will probably be heading over to Homestead if the weather hold to give some stilting lessons. They are really doing exceedingly well. We are thinking of having a stilter in our routine for the Christmas pagent at the church. I am not exactly sure if it is a pagent. It sound more like some kind of variety show. Which is better that is something that is right up out alley even we are a Brigade and not and Alley. The clown folk out there know what I mean.

Well everyone be safe out there and keep your stick on the ice

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

As is tradition turkey day is being celebrated at a Chinese Resteraunt in my house hold. Being a proud descendant of Stephen & Elizabeth Hopkins the wife and I had a tradition Tanksgiving with the Mayflower Society. This was at the always lovely Oakmont Country Club where they apparently hate cranberries ecause they did not serve any with out turkey and stuffing. Still other than that it was a wonder afternoon.

Well anyway that is one the reason we have our actual Thanksgiving at the Chinese Resteraunt. It is easy and there is no clean up. Also it is the only place that I can get Sushi and not bother those that are not into the eating of the fishy yuminess. This place also has the wifi so I can do the mobile blogging. Actually I can do the mobil blogging with the gizmo I bought from t mobile that does the internet. It is odd that the wireless internet is faster than the verizon at the house. Maybe that is why verizon tried to buy t-mobile recently, but I digress.

All of this does not have much to do with Thanksgiving though. My ancestors were of course thankful that they all didn't starve to death or the Natives didn't kill them for stealing from them. My thankfulness is more centered around my wife who has had a tough road the last couple years. She is past the cancer but still dealing with the bad heart. So I am thankful that she is still with us. I am also thankful for the prayers of all of those that have been praying for her. I am sure that has helped a great deal. Also on another note the hospital food locally has improved some over the last couple years. So sitting around in a hospital is not so bad if there is something to eat. Granted I am not the one being operated on so my wife might feel differently about it.

I hope that those who are reading this have something to be thankful for this year. Be safe out there and keep your stick on the ice.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Nearing the End

I am just about finished with the Long Scarf that i have been working on for the last week or so. It is a good strong one that will be able to stand up to the rigors of a good clown routine.

I am also considering making a flower stick for the grab bag thing at the COAI. i have some material that is not the colors that we usually use. So it might be nice to encourage juggling there with a juggling present.

On other knitting fronts i am trying to find a cable knit sweater pattern that i like. It has been a long time since i knit a sweater. It strikes me that i should knit one every once and while just so that i can keep up on them. I know there are folks out there that just love to knit sweaters. They scare me just a little.

On the sewing front it is time to make a new Apparatus bag. The current design is doing rather well except for the holes and the fading. There are also a couple folks in the Clown Brigade that are starting to juggle more items. So they are going to need bags as well.

Well that is it for now. Be safe out there and keep your stick on the ice.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A Title Before

For those close to me they have had the please of my disorganized and messy writing. Literally there are hundreds of note book around my house. I just put up a set of three shelves to contain the note books that i am using at the moment. they are all filled.

Anyway the only published stuff that i have done is some clown text book type things. The only ting that I have not done is publish a work of fiction. It has been a long held aspiration of mine. Everything else I have wanted to do in life I have had the opportunity to do on one level or another.

Well anyway usually I start with a blank note book and write several chapters. As i mentioned a couple of entries ago I have been working on a series of books in a story arc that goes over a couple thousand years. Anyway the first book in the series revolved around James Booth's parents. His father is the General of The Salvation Army. I would say more but it really messes up the story if you know more. The major plot elements of this story all get mentioned by James as he recalls his young life in latter stories. So I have not done much with this story, actually nothing.

Then it comes to me that the book should be named The Last Great General. I have never had a good title for something before i have spent a couple month working on it. In fact I have several things that are simply numbered and do not have a title at all. Heck i don't even have a name for James Booth's father. Since he was talking about him he always called him Dad or Father.

Well for some reason that was all very impressive to me. Be safe out there and keep your stick on the ice.

Various Random Things

For the first time since I started this blog I am bothered that someone might be reading it.It is odd because I have been sure that there are not very many people reading it. Anyway I am knitting stuff but I cannot post it because it is going to be a gift. I looked over the stats for this thing and the two of the top ten referring sites to this one are frequented by clowns. So I do not know if the clown that might get the thing is the person reading this page. At least one of the potential people is fairly computer savvy. Well I suppose I should not post any picture that would ruin the surprise.

On another note a long time absent person has popped up in a comment on the blog. I am pleased to hear from them. Jamie was a nice lady that knit with Walt and I back when we meeting at a local bookstore before it went under. The brigade an Church have been taking up a lot of my time so i have not had time to hang out in knitting groups. Sadly the only groups that I truly felt a part of were the ones that I started. bee Hive Knitting was great before the Bee Hive became a bar. And knitting at the Jo Beth's was also nice before it bit the dust. I have even considered starting a new knitting group here on the South Side. the only rub is coming up with a place to meet. the South Side has some nice restaurants but there are no longer any coffee shops other than the chain that does not need me to mention it's name for you to know who they are. Sadly I think that the chain that shall remain nameless is part of the reason there is not a coffee shop on the South Side. There is a Caribou Coffee maybe I will call them about starting a knitting group. the other sad thing is that Walt will probably not have the time to come to the knitting group. He was always great fun at the knitting groups.

Well on the clown front we have been working on stilts recently. This is also thanks to Walt because he acquired the stilts. This is Cadet Miller up on a set with Apprentice Brimage keeping an eye on her. In her first go she was able to stay up for 22 minutes before she got tired and she was able to walk on her own.

In another odd turn of events I was elected the President of our Church Choir. Granted I was the third choice, the other two refused. Still, I hope my keen sense of parlimentary procedure will carry the day. You would not think it so but I do have a way with rules and order. So that will be an interesting little adventure for 2012.

Well be safe out there and keep your stick on the ice.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Bad Blogger Struggles

I continued to struggle with being a bad blogger. maybe it is because i am not of the generation that is good with the blogging. Or perhaps i am simply not a chatter person.

Anyway The knitting of a long scarf and the continued Adventure of the Booth and Jefferson Family have been occupying my time.

I will not go to much into the long scarf because it is going to be in the present swap at the COAI meeting. So I cannot go into color or pattern. I can say that it will e loved by the clown that ends up with it.

I am getting very close to finishing the book that I have been working on. It is early in the story arc for the series. I am even not horrified by my crummy grammer and spelling. I do have to admit that the computer is finally getting to the point where it can deal with my lousy spelling. it is even marginally helpful on the grammer front. And heck ebooks have come to the point where it might be an option to deal my obsesive need to keep all control over what i am writing.

The story is set around the young Evangeline Booth. She is ten years old in the story and had what looks like magical control over technology. She of course is a time traveler who has been altered by powerful alien technology. Her family and future Husband are fresh off their adventure with the ancient race. Her future husband has been the target of evil time traveler so her adult self has been protecting him. Her future husband has become enchanted by his future wife even though he is a nineteen at the time. Evangeline has always loved John, her future husband, this is complicated by their ages in the story.

In the story they must save a planet full of former slaves that have been hiding out from their former master. They are of course the modern descendant of the ancient race that the Booths and the Jefferson had lived among. the antient race has given the Booth and Jefferson and Booth families the military hardware to end the crimes against their future selves.

This is complicated by the fact that they cannot radically alter the time line because they are also fighting with the evil time travelers. James Booth , Evangeline's father, is the Chaplain on the Uss The Sullivans. The Sullivans senior staff is killed in battle leaving Booth the Captain of the ship. Booth has to get to save the alien colony. If he can he use the as a cover to aid in the abolitionist movement that is starting to gain traction.

If he can hold the colony for two weeks a relief fleet will be able to push the pirates and slave traders completely off the planet. Of course Evangeline does some rash things.

I very pleased with the story arc that I have laid out. I figure it will take around thirty books to write the multi generational tale. The issue is that i have not been very happy with any of the individual parts I have written thus far. This books is four or five books in and i am happy with it.

As I ponder the story arc I am reminded that I have never actually tried to write the first book in the series. Well there is a kettle of fish I probably do not want to kick over.

The continued warping of my cultural preferences continues. the young people in the group have got me listening to Selena Gomez. She can sing an there are no two ways about it.

Well be safe out there and keep your stick on the ice.
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