Friday, June 16, 2006

The Black Bag Nears Completion

I have begun peicing the bag together. All that is to be done is the linning and duplicate stitching. There is little time and i am very busy. the lawn is doing nicely for a change. there are a couple patches of grass so at least that is going well.

The critters are also well and having fun. Well i hope to have more time next time.

Have a good day and keep you sitck on the ice.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Black Bag Continues

The Black bag is getting close to being finished. The insainly large piece of material that makes up the bulk of the bag is almost done. A little duplicate stitching and she will be done. It is Monday and Hive Knitting will be meeting this evening. Most of the group went to the Knitting in Public event on Saturday at Point State Park. Pictures were taken and will be put up when I have them.

My wife make a white baby hat that will be added to the growing collection of things hidden in plain sight at the Bee Hive. So if you drop by the Hive make sure you try and find the hidden knitted items. This will be the fourth to be hidden.

As always we are meeting down there at 7:00 Pm this evening. I will be there an hour or so early if anyone it truly bored.

Well Keep your stick on the ice and have a good evening.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Grass well some Grass

I looked at my patch of dirt and weeds grudgingly called a lawn. There was some grass this morning, a sight to behold. I almost cried.

Hive Knitting was good this week. We had the usual cast of characters and a good time was had by all. Progress is being made on the Black Knitting Bag. I hope to have the shell done by Thursday and will line it on Friday.

I will be heading off to knitting at the Waterfront this afternoon. I must remember to eat before I go.

The critters are doing well. Sally is taking well to the fact that she now has to go for two walks every day. The cat is jealous. Although I do not think Zoltan would wear a leash.

I am a bit rushed today so I will wish everyone well.

Keep you stick on the ice.

Friday, June 02, 2006

Just a Post and an Appeal to the Dark Arts for my Lawn

Not much to report today. Just wanted to put something up so there was something new to read. The Black Bag is coming along nicely. I may have the knitting done on it by the end of next week. I am still considering if I should send a scarf idea as well. I don't imagine that it would hurt. And it would be nice to do some stitches that I have not for a while.

I have been receiving the notes about the group that has started in Shady Side. I may have to stop out there to see how they are doing. Moral support is one of the most important things when someone is starting a new group. If anyone has been out there post a note and tell me how it has been. I am told it goes back and forth from squirrel Hill.

The critters are doing well in the air conditioning. Both Zoltan and Sally should be happier now that Carol will be home most of the time. There is much to with the Day Care. I have planted grass and done my best to get the yard into a reasonable shape. I would like to invite the Hive Knitting Group for a cook out. The only draw back is that the weeks are still winning out in my other never ending quest to plant grass where none has grown before. If this is the measure of my manhood then I am not doing well. Although the chemical steroid and irradiated material that have been pleased on the so called lawn have begun to make a dent. Perhaps in another couple weeks I can be proud of my progress. At the moment I will console myself with my progress on my knitting projects.

I would like to thank the people who have sent in comment or email. It is nice to have feed back and it replaces that love that I never had as a child {sniff sniff}. In addition I am looking for someone who has a supernatural ability to kill weeds. If anyone is interested let me know. As always you can email me at Yahoo or post something here

Keep you stick on the ice and have a Blessed Day.
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