Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Pineapple Bread

Besides knitting, clowning, juggling, and writing the great American Novel I am trying to make the best Fruit Cake. I love fruit cake. Frankly it is one of the few secular Christmas traditions that I am interested in.

I enjoy trying various fruit cakes from several companies. For some reason fruit cake is not a big thing with the bakeries in my neighborhood. So I have been trying to make a great Fruit Cake.

Well anyway this is a pineapple cake from all recipies. I came out well. It is not dark enough or sweet enough to be the base for a fruit cake. The Mrs. likes it and she is hard to please with sweet pastries.

It is not too sweet and there are no exotic ingredients. It did take me ten fewer minutes than the recipe called for. I am putting the recipe bellow. Love someone this Christmas folks.


Chief's Message 12/12/2018

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