Monday, July 17, 2006

A New Black Bag

I have begun making a new black knitting bag to replace the one that was struck down in it's infancy. I will be making it of a black wool and felting it.

It has been the longest time since I have felted something. This may even be the thing I enter into the Knit 1 contest. We will see how it goes. The bag will have a few removeable pockets for my Bryspun needles and the like. I will be putting a pocket in for my Bussiness Band radio from work as well.

The draw back of the felted bag is that I will probably not be doing any duplicate stitching on it. I may still I wonder how the alpaca wool blend I had for the murdered bag will felt. I should probably ask someone from the wednesdays group. An suggestions for my throngs of fan out there reading this are welcome as well.

I spent the better part of the weekend trying to takwe pictures of my wife dog. Apparently Sally is terrified of cameras. I have several pictures of here running. Zoltan on the other hand is a young media mogul. We had another name for it atthe time but he is male. After taking pictures for two days I found out that I cannot operate a camera. I am still looking for a couple that are usable but will have to try it again.

On the up side Carol is a heavy sleeper and does not mind having odd hats put on here when she does not know about it. When I have a good picture of that I will let you know.

I always be careful out there and keep you stick on the ice.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Saturday Afternoon

I am currently working a a pink scarf for someone, I know not who. It has been a couple months since Ihave done something harder like a sweeter or socks. I am looking for a good off white wool for a pair of kilt socks. It has to be just right or the Ghost of Robert the Bruce will kill me in my sleep. But I digrees.

I have borrowed a digital camera so Iwill be taking some pictures of the Sally dog and her cat Zoltan. I will also take some pictures of my wife while she is sleeping wearing funny hats. I suppose that is the down side to marring a clown.

I am trying to get Sally's cat to wear a hat. He is not having it. I am surprised the Peta people do not do something about people dressing their animals. That should be some form of animal cruelty. Never mind that it is not improtant now any way.

What is important is that I might be near to a solution on my quest to go to a knitting group where there is another man in Pittsburgh. Well it is in Homestead and I had to bring him to the group and get someone to teach him to knit. It might not be an actual victory in the quest but it is a start. Once again if you are male (or female or other) and knit come to my group at the Bee Hive on Mondays at 7:00 PM It is fun and we have an upsidedown flamingo with a scarf. How many people can say that about their knitting group? Well maybe no has ever wanted to say that about there knitting group. Still, now that I have said it and you have read it you will have to consider it when you go to you knitting group again. Especially since I have harped on it for more than it was worth.

We are considering contests for our knitting group. So far the front runner appears to be knitting a hat contest for one of the people that work there. Well it is the front runner in a one horse race. No one else it terribly interested. Still, if we have that contest I think I have a fair chance at winning it. Especially if no one else enters. A victory is a victory you cannot have everything.

If any one gets this far in my ramblings, post a message suggesting what I might knit for the Knit 1 contest. I am very undecided but think I would would like to enter something just to entertain myself. Please no internal or external organs, especially pipe organs. I do not want to invest that much yarn into this project.

I am also looking for a vest sort of thing to make from the Rowan denim yarn. Suggestions would be helpful.

Everyone in my little fantasy world says hello.

God's Speed and keep your stick on the ice,

Thursday, July 13, 2006

We Loose those Most Dear to Us

Recent event have kept me away from civilization. I have not been able to post since I have not been around a computer that was on line.

For those of you that know me you know where I was. Never the less knitting has continued on the else of civilization. I have gotten through a couple of hats and scarves made with a chuanky yarn for the Knitting for Charity at Knit 1. By the way if you have nothing to do sunday afternoons there si the knitting for Chartity at Knit 1 on Sundays from 1 to 4. They are currently knitting for The Salvation Army. A group near and dear to my heart. Please stop by and see me I will be the one with the bread in the blue uniform.

Secondly I do apoligise to my fan out there. I am sure you were very distressed to not read about my adeventures in knitting for nearly a month. To my fan out there I am back and will be blogging again. Thank you for your understanding.

Lastly I am sad to say that the Black Knitting Bag was struck down be someone hostile to knitting. It is a great tragedy that petty feelings can destroy anything. It is sad but what can you do. I will start another one I am sure but not this week.

I will write again tommaror have a good day
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