Saturday, March 31, 2007

Blogging and The Marley

Before I turn in for the evening I wanted to post again. Cranking is all I got done today and that in itself is not terribly interesting. The huge influx of people visiting inspired me to work on The Marley Scarf Blog some. I am sure I will tinker with it for a while. Still, since there has been so much interest I figure I should put it up.

We put up one for The Judy Scarf after we finished making her. We figured we would start one for The Marley before we started making him. This was the first week that we were actually making The Marley. We had just a couple glitches along the way.

First was the original design. It would have weighed over 100 pounds. That is a little excessive even for a Long Scarf. Not to mention just plain heavy. We took the icord down from 6 to four stitches. We also reduced the design by three stitches. This brought down the overall weight of the scarf to under fifty pounds. Still, a little on the heavy side, but not for three people.

Next was the fact we were going to have to turn 200 skeins into icord. This was solved by using the Bond Embellish Knit. This gizmo is not designed for worsted weight yarn. Still, with a bit of a aggravation we can do it.

The last problem was that it would take 200 skeins of yarn to complete the scarf. We were going to scrap until another knitter stepped in and bought the yarn, namely Ddancer. She has a blog with a link on my daily read list. In addition we were able to get it all in one dye lot. I feat not easily done I am sure.

Any way this has little to do with the actual blogging that I did today. I broke down and I used the new Blogger page formatting gizmo. It is your basic orange blog. The most important aspect of this blog is that it lists everyone that has Cranked on The Marley. It will also have a list for those that actually Knit the Icord when we knit it.

Just a note to those that have cranked on The Marley there is a badge for that. I will be making up some more as soon as I can. There will also be a badge of the electronic variety that will link to the The Marley Blog.

It is at:

Just another few programming notes. For those that keep track of the flags on the right. You will notice Canada has moved up to the 500 visitor category. Actually they vaulted over it with a couple hundred visitors in two days. I may be an American but I have never been shy about the nation that I worked in as a circus clown. As you know I do not get into politics here. Mainly because you should go to the Zeeppo’s Really Annoyed About the World Blog. Seriously no one cares about my views on the world. And if you do there is a pill for that.

All I want to know is what is so wrong with clean streets and universal health care? And maybe we could spend a little less time smoking and collecting guns. There is also something called manors. I am sure the folks from NYC can Google that to figure out what they are. Sorry about that political rant. Oh and would it kill us to have The Red Green Show on in prime time. We would be better people.

Also on the countries visiting front Israel and Korea moved up today. Life is good.

Be safe out there and keep your stick on the ice.

The Wide World of Knitting

Another great day of knitting, and another thousand people stopped by. For those that have been reading this thing a while. You know that have been fascinated by the connection between knitting and the Internet. The last 24 hours have been interesting lesson.

To answer a couple more questions.

Question 1: Why do you call icord icrod? I have several people sk this. The answer is simple I am a clown not a typists. I am a lousy typer. It should rightly be called Icord. If I type directly into blogger and not in to Microsoft Word and then paste their spell check does no fix that word.

Question 2: If I have an icrod machine can I help knit on The Marley? The short answer is yes. The machine we are using is the Bond Embellish Knit. It is not designed for worsted weight yarn, which is what we are using. It is a royal pain in the keister to do. You also have to do it relatively slow so you do not damage the machine. In the next couple weeks I will have an instruction sheet and hopefully a Internet video of me doing it so that people can see what to do.

We have just now figured out all of the ins and outs of making the icord this way with the the wrong machine. Six or so people said they would like to knit on The Marley. You can email me your address at

Once again I am greatly flattered by the emails and comments. I will endeavor to say something interesting once and a while.

Be safe out there and keep your stick on the ice.

Savage Chickens

Friday, March 30, 2007

Holy Where did all of These People Come From Batman?

Over a thousand people visited here today. That about what I get every couple weeks. I have also received a couple dozen email questions. All of this stems from a chance meeting with Stephanie Pearl-McPhee.

She Cranked on The Marley a bit and apparently thought this was all interesting enough to put on her blog. Thus the huge up take in my daily readers. This brings me back to the questions. There have been many and they fall into several categories.

Once upon a time I promised that I would answer any comment left on the blog or email sent to me. I guess I never though more than three people would read this thing at any one time. So here goes. If I don't answer your question satisfactorily please let me know. I have grouped some questions and answer for brevity's sake.

Question 1: Are you Single, Married, Gay? Married to a woman. Once upon a time that would have sounded like an odd way to answer that question. It is a brave new world.

Question 2: What is The Marley? Why the Name?The Marley is what clowns call a Long Scarf. It will be made from 200 skeins of 3oz. worsted weight Canadiana verigated yarn. It is named The Marley because those 200 skeins of yarn will be turned into icrod and then knit into the scarf. The icrod is thought to look like dread locks. Ddancer made up the name. It is the tradition of our Clown Brigade to name every scarf that is longer than 100 feet long. We currently have two long scarves. The Barry and The Judy.

Question 3:What do you do with a Long Scarf? This is clown prop that is used for various routines. There is walking through a mall with a long scarf such a pictured here. There is also a tug of war routine and pulling it off someone and making them spin like a top.

Pictured is The Judy. She is named for Judy Garland and was named by CarlaK. The name works on several levels.

I am the clown in front. Behind me is Segeant Knit Whit {who knits during our stage shows}. Behind him is Sergeant Major Jimbo. We are in our humor Therapy costumes and not our Salvation Army Uniform costumes we use during our stage shows.

Question 4: Isn't using a machine cheating? HMMMMMM....... I just posted something like that. The answer is that you bet your sweet bippy it is. We have two hundred skeins of yarn that need turn into icrod. We would be completely insane if we did that by hand.

Clowns as knitter are what most would call project knitters. Our goal in life is to make a particular thing. Of our two scarves that we have one is very old, The Barry. And The Judy is a springy scarf that is good for some routines but not others. The Marley will be stiffer and better for the routines that The Judy is not. Our clown Brigade is one year old and we still have many things to build and make. We must do some of this very quickly because it will be used in the next couple months for our Spring shows.

Question5: What is with you sign off? Well be safe out there is fairly obvious. It is dangerous world out there and we must keep our head about us. Keeping you stick on the ice refers to Hockey. Namely that you care supposed to keep your stick bellow your knees. If you do not this is called high sticking. This is not a good thing for many reason. The primary reason is that it very tempting to clobber someone with your stick {see picture}.

It is mainly a reference to fair play. I lived in Canada for a while and am a hockey.

Question 6: What is a clown knitting group like? Well is is like any other knitting group with the addition of balloon animals and small children. This is me in the back actually making the swatch for The Marley. Our group is not exclusively for clowns. We have a clown practice just prior to our knitting group. So sometimes there is overlap. Actually the only real difference is that we have more men in our knitting group. Be sides that there are few differences except for the occasional odd project. Only about half our our knitting group is made up of clowns. The rest are just Pittsburghers that come to our group. It is open to the public and meets every Monday at 7:00PM at the Bee Hive.

Question 7: Donations - We have a couple projects we are working on. First is knitting items for our homeless shelters. Basically any knit or Crochet items or yarn can be dropped off at Knit 1 in Squirrel Hill. Those items are given to residents at our family shelter and Men's Shelter. We also have a knit together there on Sundays at 1:00PM.

Donations - Monetary- Several folks have asked how they can support our humor Therapy program. These donations may be mailed to our Corps: The Salvation Army Steel Valley Corps P.O. Box 395 Homestead, PA 15120. Please make Checks out to The Salvation Army Steel Valley Corps and put Clown Brigade in the memo section.

If anyone is interested in attending service at out Corps {Church} we are located at 104 E. Ninth Ave. in Homestead. Church services at at 11:00 AM. I will post our next round of shows once we have all of the locations locked in.

Well that covers most of it. I thank everyone for stopping by. If anyone decides to link here let me know so I can add you to my link list as well. Once again thanks for dropping by.

Be safe out there and keep your stick on the ice.


Machine Heads - Needle Heads

Having some problems with my ISP last night. So I didn’t get to post. Carol got through her operation with out any ill effects they will not have the results for a couple weeks. So keep her in your prayers.

I have not done much hand knitting recently. Between the icrod maker and the Knitking that I am still working on learning I have not had time. I have discovered a dark undercurrent in the Knitting world with my renewed exploration of knitting machines.

Firstly because of my position in the clowning world for many years I hand knit because I was moving around so much. We did have a couple Brother’s Knitting Machines. These were used to produce sweaters and the odd clown prop.

I did use our machines on occasion. I found them useful and liked them. Until recently I did not have one of my own. So my knitting was limited to the hand variety while I was in the real knitting world in the last few years. In the circus no one cared how you did something as long as you did it. There was never a mention of cheating while doing something if you are using a machine. I realize that ninety percent of the people who have accused me of cheating were joking. This is one of the things that I like about the real knitting world.

What I was not aware of was the fact that some hand knitters hate machine knitters. Furthermore some machine knitter hate hand knitters. I mean hate like a Red Neck at a N.W.O. convention. I was shocked. Of course you expect the off Kook in any group of people. Still, this is a burning hatred that cannot be quenched. What can you do. I you don’t hear from me it means that one of these factions has go me for straddling the fence.

Be safe out there and keep your stick on the ice.

Savage Chickens

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Another GoodDay Knitting

Much fun was had at the Waterfront Knitting group. I did no actual knitting. I spent may day cranking away on the icorn for The Marley. It may not be as rewarding as making mittens or something along those lines. Still, there is something to be said for a basket ball sized clump of icord.

Just wanted to report that.

Nothing Earth Shattering really.

Savage Chickens

Irrelivant Stuff

I had a productive day knitting yesterday. I dropped off a couple posters for my classes at Knit 1. I have a couple signed up for the Machine Knitting Class. No men for the men’s class. Apparently finding men who want to knit is going to be interesting.

If you could have diner with any one living or dead who would it be. As in decisive as I am I have a list. In no particular order : John A Brashear, Janis Joplin, Chuck Yeager, John Glenn, William Wallace, Winston Churchill, Jesus, Moses, Ying Zheng, Buddha, Joan of Arc, Charlemagne, The Five Stiles Brother who came to Philadelphia in the1700s, Martin Luther King Jr., EZ, Dizzy Gillespie, Soroya, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, well the list goes on from there.

Apparently I have a hard time deciding. Although it would not be one person I would have to meet with the Five Stiles brothers to figure out which one of them was our ancestor. My mother’s father line is stuck in Philadelphia because we cannot get back across the ocean. One of those Stiles brothers knows the answer. I would want to talk with which ever one is my ancestor. I would tell him to keep better notes. Get a family bible or something

This brings me to my next question. If there was one person alive or dead that you could smack in the head with a lead pipe who would it be. My list is once again long. My top two are Hitler and Carrot Top. I know this is more violent fare than you usually find on my blog. Still, if you had a chance guilt free to relieve some stress on a person alive or dead who would it be.

Also here is a really neat picture of a couple yarn balls. One is on Crank, can you guess which one.

Be safe out there and keep you stick on the ice.

Savage Chickens

Friday, March 23, 2007

More Rambling About This, That and Very Little That is Important

This week marks my last working in my current position. I have decided to return to clowning professionally. This was both more lucrative and more satisfying. What this has to do with knitting is very little. One thing is that I can now teach classes at my LYS.

This will be my first time teaching knitting for the sake of knitting. I have taught knitting to many clowns including the church clowns that I am training at my Corps. This has made me face the odd view that I have of knitting. Actually I do not think it is odd. I think everyone else is odd for doing it for fun. I do not mean that in a judgmental way. It is simply that I have had to knit. I currently do it for fun mostly even though I still knit for hire.

Perhaps it is not that I am put off by people who knit for fun. It is more along the lines of the “Knitting is the New Yoga” people that put me off. Sure it releases stress and all that good stuff. So does walking your dog. But that is not why you should have a dog.

A clown that wants to have a nice long scarf of funny stripped socks must make them for themselves. Or hire someone to do it. That is a thing that must be done. And more to the point. There are not enough clowns to justify some factory making long scarves. Heck I have not seen a good long scarf routine out side of the ones that I have done recently.

Anyway I digress. Another thing that I am going to be doing with my newly opened schedule is knit stuff for profit. I am going to make felted bag. Bother of my long time readers will recall the pain and turmoil that I went through trying to make a black knitting bag. I have decided to get myself one of those Etsy shops and sell felted bags on line. That will be my first stop on Monday. I am going to the Pat Katans and picking up some good cheap felting yarn. By the middle of April I should have some bags for sale.

Many people have been an inspiration in this venture. Ddancer and CarlaK have been supportive as well as everyone at the Water Front Knitting group on Wednesdays. Also of particular help was Natasha Failkov who was in inspiration by example. I had once joked that I wanted to be her when I grew up. Well I like the whole being male thing. I imagine it is simpler than being female. I am also sure there is a men are simple joke in there somewhere but I digress.

I don’t imagine I will make more than a little pocket change. Still, it will be the closest I have been to being back in the Circus in a long time. And one thing I have learned in the last five years is that even if you have a calling. It is never God’s intention to make you miserable. Sometimes it is man’s intention. Or at the very least a product of the things we create. If you know me then you know what that all means.

Moving along to something more interesting. If the Murrysville Knitting group is meeting in the afternoon on Monday I will be stopping there as part of my world tour. This as always should be fun. This evening you will find me out at the knitting group at the Barnes and Nobles in the South Hills Village. We it is not really in the South Hills Village it is twenty feet away in it’s own building. So it is South Hill Village Adjacent. Well what ever. I suppose I should digress at this point.

My first class at Knit 1 is next Thursday. I hope someone signed up. If you are male and would like to learn knitting visit the people at Knit 1. Their link is over to the right somewhere. I have a terrible time putting links in this thing.

Moving along I will see you tonight if you are there.

Be safe out there and keep your stick on the ice.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Savage Chickens

Nine Badges

I was able to get out Nine The Marley Badges before my printer died. I am not sure if I can get a new one by Friday. Well. At least I have some for the Friday Knitting group at South Hills Village. So stop by South Hills Village Barnes and Nobles and Crank on the Marley

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Savage Chickens

A Couple Quick Notes

Firstly we have settled on the embellish knit is the device that has replaced. This is a gizmo that is made by Bond is available in Pittsburgh at Jo Ann's Fabric.

Hey at least it is a relatively manly color. I just could not take knitting all of this on something pink.

I would also like to note that some folks from Hungary stopped by. This means that every country that my ancestors come from is now represented. This is a good thing.

Be safe out there and keepyour stick on the ice.

Savage Chickens

Blogger is Acting Up

Saturday, March 17, 2007

The Marley Badge - The First Day of Workin on The Marley - The Year After Next

This First public day of working on The Marley will be tomorrow at Knit 1. I am getting close on the badge that I will have by next week. Since eighty percent of the work done on The Marley will be cranking on an icord gizmo we thought that was appropriate.

For any one that cares the red orange and green are the predominate colors in the yarn we are making The Marley from.

Any way the first public day of working on The Marley will be Sunday at Knit 1 during Charity Knitting.

Also for any one who is think about the year after next we are thinking about it. We have no name, still we are thinking about a three color cable. If we start this summer it might be done by 09.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Lost of Random Things

A very good and interesting day was had knitting. I met with a young lady who is writing articles for the Tribune Review. She asked me my views on the current knitting trend. I hope I did not bore her too much with my off subject stories about my seemingly random life. During the interview a male patron of the Hive was so enthralled with the subject that he interrupted the interview to ask knitting questions. He now says that he wants to come to the Hive Knitting group to learn how to knit. It was interesting talking to her about how knitting was it’s own unique entity that attracts people from many walks of life. And then during that conversation to have someone find it interesting enough to ask about learning to knit.

That is once again one of the truly interesting things about knitting that makes it such a strange and wonderful thing. For all intents and purposes there really is no pressing reason anyone should knit. Everything that a knitter can make a machine could make usually cheaper and faster. I know there is the whole artistic side of it. And I respect this.

In no way shape or form am I suggesting that it is unimportant. Many incredible important things can be done with out. Clowns for instance. Would the world come to an end if there were no more clowns, probably not. Still, the mosaic that makes up our society would some how be less.

Oh I have heard that it is the new yoga. And I am sure it has many benefits in that regard. I am also sure that making something with your own two hands it a good thing as well. And survivalists could say that it is necessary if civilization falls apart. All of this is true.

I am not sure where this is all going to I will just go onto my next random bit of knitting stuff today. Well some one from Greece stopped by the blog. So welcome to the pantheon of nations that have visited here. Thank you and enjoy.

Also the good CarlaK sent me a link to a Machine Knitting list. I signed up and am waiting for my first posts from them.

It is good to see there are still some machine knitters out there. From the lack of people selling high end machines in this area I was beginning to wonder if people still used them.

One interesting thing today was working on The Marley. I have found that turning the skein into a ball makes it easier to knit with the icord gizmo. Oh boy that is a lot of skeins of yarn to turn into balls. Of course this would be the time that my ball winder would drop dead. Well I got it second hand and it never really worked right to begin with. I suppose I should break down and just get a new one. Although doing a couple hundred skeins by hand would be character building.

Something else I noticed is that the dye lot we received is more brilliant than the original skein that we made the test swatch with. I mean it is noticeable a better color than the test swatch. I recall when we made the test swatch I wished it had a bit more purple and was a little less muted. It is as if my mental critiques of the first skein were taken to heart by the manufacturer. If I had to imagine the perfect color for this scarf the way this icrod turned out would be it. I may be loosing my mind. Still, it is as if forces greater than us mere mortals were guiding The Marley.

Yeah I know that sounds booko crazy. What can I say? The Marley may be the perfect long scarf. This does bring me to my next crazed realization.

This long scarf thing has become the first tradition of our Clown Brigade. I suppose I have talked about clown tradition before. It is interesting how much of our budding tradition centers around knitting. There are many things that everyone is working on from juggling to balloon animals. Some of them would appear to be more important to clowning than knitting.

Maybe it has to do with us spending so much time with yarn. I don’t know. I know personally I have spent more time juggling the last few months than I have knitting. This is all very interesting. And I am sure someone out there might have a good explanation why this is unfolding like this. Well I don’t know what it is. I suppose we are all just along for the ride.

By the way has anyone heard the Flyleaf version of “Smells like Teen Spirit”. This song really annoyed me when Nirvana first performed it. I mean I wanted to rip my ears off to prevent the horrible pain it caused my brain. And this was my first reaction to the song before the end of the first verse. Imagine how I felt after it was played on the radio until I contemplated destroying every pop rock station in North America with my bare hands and a dull serving spoon.

By the way I would like to take a moment to apologies the people at Clear Channel Broadcasting. I did dig a brick out of their building in Green Tree before I realized that a dull spoon was not the best weapon for mass destruction. Some lessons are harder to learn than others.

Anyway back to Flyleaf. I heard their cover of the Cobain power opus recently and found that I was enjoying it. Even after I realized what they were singing I still liked it. It is possible I have short changed grunge all together? Well I wouldn’t go that far. Still, I liked their take on one of the most evil song every written.

Be safe out there and keep your stick on the ice.

Savage Chickens

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Machine Knitting

A good day was had knitting even though I did not get very much done. I have been playing abound with my knitting machines. I am currently working on a patter for a single piece vest. If it works out the way I like one would be able to make a vest in a couple of hours.

I realize all knitters may not be looking for the fast way to do things. Still, there is a gray area between knitting and knitting with gizmos. The Marley Scarf for instance will be made mostly on a gizmo. Granted it would be completely insane to knit a couple hundred skeins into icord.

Any way I am very pleased with my progress on the gizmo knitting front.

I have someone from the Point Park News Service email me about a story she is doing on Knitting. I wonder if that is a fancy name for a school news paper. Well at any rate any PR is good PR.

It is getting late. Be safe out there and keep your stick on the ice.

Savage Chickens

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

World Tour: Homstead - Water Front & Shady Side S&B

I did stop by two knitting groups today. The First was at the Water Front in Homestead. They meet in the Barnes and Nobles in their cafe. I regularly attend this group so I knew they were going to be there today.

This group is one of the more diverse groups out there. They are laid back and a font of knitting knowledge. At this point there are three people that teach knitting classes. A former Yarn Shop owner and at least one other person that works at Knit 1. This is simply one the most knowledge able groups of knitter out there. The thing that is most impressive about them is that they do not intimidate novice knitters.

One of the things that anoys me most about some knitting groups is when they kind to new knitters. Of course this is also thegroup the meets closest to my church. That is until we start our own group that will be meeting in the church. Any way, this is the group that is most frequently attended by the Clowns of my Brigade.

They have been a great blessing to my Brigade and very welcoming even though none of them have been knitting for more than seven months. If you have the time free you should stop by. A goodtime is always had by all.

The second group that I stopped by was the S & B at the Coffee Tree Roaster in Shady Side. I attended this group last year. When I went last time there were only four people there. This time I got there for the last half hour of the group. There was no one there. Either they broke up early or they are not meeting any more. I will send off an email to their group leader and see what happened.

If you have a group in Allegheny County and would like me to visit post a comment.

Be safeout there and keep your stick on the ice.

Savage Chickens

World Tour: Purls of Wisdom Knitting Group

The next part of my World Tour began yesterday. I visited the good people at Knit 1 and the Purls of Wisdom Knitting Group. This group is more along the lines of a traditional knitting group that one thinks of. It is primarily made up of retired ladies and some house wives. There were about 12 people there at any one time and many that came and went as the afternoon went on.

The group is slated to meet from1:30 to 3:00 PM. Although they were going strong until at least 6:00PM.

They are friendly group of folks and even avoided asking the usual silly male knitting question. If anyone is looking for a Tuesday afternoon group this is a good one. Not only is there a good mix of knitters but they meet in an excellent knitting store.

Well happy tails and be safe out there.

Monday, March 12, 2007

World Tour Begins Again

It was a good day for knitting. I continue to work on socks. I know it is not exciting, still, it is something to do.

My world tour will begin another leg tomorrow. I will be visiting the good people at Knit 1. I happen to know that this group is still meeting. At least I will begin this leg with an actual group. Last time I think it was the third group before I found one that met. And that group did not want any new people.

We will see how it goes.

I will be going to drop off a list of classes I would like to teach at Knit 1. It should be a good day for knitting no matter how you look at it.

Be safe out there and keep your stick on the ice.

Savage Chickens

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Teaching Classes, And why Clowns are Right and you are all Wrong

A supper busy weekend on the Knitting Front. I don’t know where to start. Well I will get to the World Male Knitting Domination thing in a bit.

Firstly a great day was had at Knitting For Charity Today. Our Phantom Young man and his entire family was able to join us today. The Phantom knitter helped out with knitting Squares for the Knitking. Much was accomplished today. There was a new young lady who is working on a hat for us. She had been knitting for less than a week.

I am always glad to see new knitters joining the knitting community.

Has any one heard the new Sunny Sweeny song “If I could” How cute is that? If you are not into country it is still a good song. It is definitely a country song and not this rock and roll with a twang that is popular these days. It is nice to see someone making some actual country music.

And who is that guy in the “Say it Right” song from Nelly Furtado? I want to hear some of his music. I suppose the Yahoo music thing is sending me off track.

Back to knitting. The most boring sock obsession continues. I am onto a cotton pair of black socks. These are in a DK weight yarn on 6mm DP. By the way three people have sent me emails about why I rotate my needles as I do socks. The most popular reason is to prevent laddering, the gaps that sometimes develop while using double points. I suppose clowns have been right about knitting all along. Sorry everyone else you are wrong.

Also on the same subject of clowns being right and everyone else wrong. I am sick of remembering American sizes for the purposes of this blog. The Americans, Canadian, Brits and Japanese are all wrong. I will not go into great detail why you are all wrong. You know in your heart of hearts why that is.

I will put it this. The Americans are smoking pot. Our system is silly, still, makes sense if you are on pot.

The Japanese I have no idea what you are doing, a 4.8 mm needle what were you thinking? At lease you start at a small number and go to larger numbers. Still, You go to millimeters in the larger sizes. You should have stuck with the increasing numbers. Your system makes sense if you are dropping acid.

Ah Britannia home of my ancestors. What can I say. Large numbers to small numbers and then to the Zero thing. Hey I know the American do it with the small 2mm and lower. Still, those 2mm people are sadists anyway. They should have their own confusing knitting system. I know you based your needles on the size of wire the needles were made from. And rail road tracks are the same gauge of the wagon wheels left by Roman Chariots. Sometimes a specification must die for the sake of progress. I could go on for hours. I will leave it at this. The British system makes sense if you are smoking crack and someone hits you as hard as they can with a cricket bat. And I mean with the skinny edge of the bat so it cracks your skull. You know so the air hits you brain and messes with your mind. Like Trepanation only with a big crack in the head.

Hmmmmmmmm…… I wonder what the original point of this entry was. Well I forgot what it was. So I shall continue as if I had a point.

I did consider a clown system for naming knitting needles. 0 would be a quarter millimeter and the numbers would go up every quarter millimeter. I gave it up because it would be too mind blowingly simple. And yes I know no one uses a .25 millimeter needle. Still, with the popularity of knitting still not plataueing it is only a matter of time. And if someone makes a sixty millimeter needle then you will already have the size. You will not have to make it up.

Well I will leave the needle thing alone for the moment. I may start scratching out the sizes on my needle and writing in the new clown size. Imagine how long that would have been if I really spent some time thinking about it

News of news the good people at Knit 1 are going to let me teach knitting classes. I will be teaching classes aimed at men and machine knitting classes. Good times will be had by all. I will post when I have the schedule from Knit 1. I am turning in the class out lines in on Tuesday. I imagine there will be schedules once I make a couple samples from their lovely yarn. I hope the people at Red Heart will understand. It is nothing personal. You will always have the best place in my stash. Remember “Red Heart Means that Someone Loves You.” They just may not like you very much.

I suppose this is where the male domination of the knitting world comes in. It is nice to finally be making some progress. I realize men dominate most things on this planet. And for the most part I think we have done alright. Well there are all of those wars and other silly things. Still, no one is perfect.

I would like to thank all of the people who thought I could dominate the knitting world. Alright so the only ones that encouraged me in this are woman. And the person that is going to let me teach the classes is a woman. Well it is not really male domination.

Be safe out there and keep your stick on the ice. And go Pens.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

More Black Sock Yarn -The Quest for World Domination Continues

I received an email today from CarlaK that Knit 1 not has in my new favorite sock yarn in black. If I had the money I would reserved the entire lot. As it is I asked for enough for another pair of socks. Life is good. This is just another step at making the world a more manly place for knitters.

Also on the people that visit her front. Three new nations have stopped by here this week.

First is one of our luke warm allies in the "War on Terror" the good people of Jordan. I am glad they stopped by. It is good to see that people can get along no matter what their view on the world situation.

Also thePhilippinens made a couple hits this week. One of the young ladies that attends Knitting for Charity is of Phlippeno decent. Her family is keep the ties of tradition much in the same way us kilted American are remebering Scotland.

The last country is Columbia. Yet another country with a pr problem in theUnited States. It is not easy being a democracy sometimes. And we forget that up here. Those nations that are strugling need our prayer and support not our scorn.

And the last thing on my world knitting domination quest I may have found someone willing to pay me to teach knitting. No deal has been finalised yet, still, it is a deffinate possibility. If everything works out this week end there may be clown influence at your favorite local knitting store.

Well we have to get ready for a fire association meeting. I just wanted to give both of my faithful readers the good news. Be safe out there and keep your stick on the ice.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

New Black Sock Yarn

I went from not being able to find black sock yarn to having too many choices. Still this a good thing. The new stuff is berroco cotton acrylic blend. It feels nice and will make a fine pair of socks. It should be fun to knit with as i go off to knitting at the South Hills Village Barnes and Noble Friday.

It is looking like a couple Thusdays in April for the Blanket Knit Togethers. We can probably use the Corps I think I amgoing toask Knit 1 if they are interested. They have some table we could probably bolt some things to. We will see how it goes and I will keep you posted.

Well it has been a long day. I will talk to you all tommarrow.

Savage Chickens

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Good Times at the Waterfront in Homestead

A good time was has at the Waterfront even if one of the Matrons of the group was not with us this afternoon. I shlept over to the Waterfront with the Knitking and puttered around with it until I got it working. When we got it back to the Corps we knocked out a few rectangular peices that will be used for one of the Blankets that we are making for out shelter. All and all it was a great day knitting and a good way to build upper body stregnth.

We were hoping to have the once monthly knit together for our shelter at the Bee Hive. Unfortunately we discovered at the Barnes and Nobles that the Knitking does not like coffee shop tables. The Hive has mostly kitchen tables and I do not know how many we will be able to clamp the knitting machines onto. When we got to the Corps we were easily able to bolt it to our tables.

I clamp my Bond down with a couple quick grip clamps and it would be able to be attached to anything. Next monday I will have to take them both down to the Hive. There are severalrectangular tables there.

If that does not work out we will have to look at other places. Maybe the Corps in Homestead or Knit 1 in Squirell Hill. Good times we be had no matter where we meet.

Be safe out there and keep your stick on the ice.

Some New Visitors

We have had a couple visitors from Macua the Portugese answer to Hong Kong. Well good times and thank you for stopping by.
Chile a country that has many male knitters doing thing that would make the average American Knitter cringe. Gracias tiene un buen dia.

Savage Chickens

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

A Kind Soul

I very nice person gace me a Knitking kh260. This gizmo is alot nicer than my Bond and will be very helpful with out up coming blanket project for The Army.

I am still amazed by how generous the knitting community is compared to others

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Blanket Knit Along

We have received a request from the Major that runs our Family Crisis Center for blankets. She would like to give every family that leaves the shelter a blanket to go with their house warming kit.

As always with Knitting for Charity anyone can drop off a donation at Knit 1 in Squirrel Hill. I am planning to have a special Knit Together at the Bee Hive on the South Side. It would probably be a thursday evening close to the end of the month. That will give us some time to assemble the yarn and such.

We are looking to make your basic bed blankets. And I know that takes a lot of yarn. I have had my Bond out and will be using it to make square. One of the nice things about the Hive is that where we knit is made up of old kitchen tables. And I have not found a table that works better for the Bond than an old kitchen table.

The Army Men's Fellowship had a Bowling Tournament today that myself and the Steel Valley men attended. We did not do very well. Apparently I am still not the world's greatest bowler.
We did not place. Still, the point was fellowship.

Be safe out there everyone and keep your stick on the ice.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

The New Great and Strange Plan - Charity Knitting News

The Marley is going to be an interesting experience. For those just tuning in I run a group of clowns. And clowns need a really long scarf. We are just into sharing.

We have named our next long scarf The Marley. The Marley will be knit out of icord. And because we are clowns and not insane we are going to use a gizmo. We do have to turn over200 skeins of yarn into icord.

Here is new great and strange plan. We are going to find a large indoor space that is several stories tall. We will then knit the icrod over the banister and then knit it into the scarf.

We just have to find a place to allow us to do this. There have been a couple suggestions. I am open to more.

The Brigade continues to get ready for our first shows.

Also on the charity knitting front we have received request for blankets. As the winter moved into the spring we need knitted blankets for our shelter. We would also like to give a blanket to each family that leaves our shelter. As always you can drop off donations at Knit 1.

Well be safe out there and keep your stick on the nice.

Savage Chickens

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