Saturday, March 17, 2007

The Marley Badge - The First Day of Workin on The Marley - The Year After Next

This First public day of working on The Marley will be tomorrow at Knit 1. I am getting close on the badge that I will have by next week. Since eighty percent of the work done on The Marley will be cranking on an icord gizmo we thought that was appropriate.

For any one that cares the red orange and green are the predominate colors in the yarn we are making The Marley from.

Any way the first public day of working on The Marley will be Sunday at Knit 1 during Charity Knitting.

Also for any one who is think about the year after next we are thinking about it. We have no name, still we are thinking about a three color cable. If we start this summer it might be done by 09.


Dragonsinger said...

Well, since cables are a classic pattern...

I would suggest a classic name

Emmett Kelly

Celtic Queen said...

I certainly hope you bring it Friday nite. I'll need a Marley badge to go with my Judy.

Steel City Knitter said...

Did you find out which gizmo was the one? I've been wanting to get one, but I've been holding off so I can get one that can help with the Marley. If I already asked you this and got an answer- my apologies. I tend ot flake out around 5pm.

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