Thursday, March 01, 2007

The New Great and Strange Plan - Charity Knitting News

The Marley is going to be an interesting experience. For those just tuning in I run a group of clowns. And clowns need a really long scarf. We are just into sharing.

We have named our next long scarf The Marley. The Marley will be knit out of icord. And because we are clowns and not insane we are going to use a gizmo. We do have to turn over200 skeins of yarn into icord.

Here is new great and strange plan. We are going to find a large indoor space that is several stories tall. We will then knit the icrod over the banister and then knit it into the scarf.

We just have to find a place to allow us to do this. There have been a couple suggestions. I am open to more.

The Brigade continues to get ready for our first shows.

Also on the charity knitting front we have received request for blankets. As the winter moved into the spring we need knitted blankets for our shelter. We would also like to give a blanket to each family that leaves our shelter. As always you can drop off donations at Knit 1.

Well be safe out there and keep your stick on the nice.

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