Tuesday, November 23, 2010

We had a rather good scout meeting this evening. We did not have very many kids. Still we had more than enough adults. I don't recall starting a Pack when we had enough adults. So this thing should come along nicely. We only need to have some meeting and the kids will show up. Build it and they will come and that sort of thing.

I am also happy about the new knitting group. I have to knit something for the COAI Christmas thing. Knitting with some of the Brigad mebers will be good inspiration for that.

I have also been working on updating the definitions section of this blog. I never did finish it. I figure that if i put in a couple definitions a day i will have it finished in a year or two.

Well just checking in be safe out there and keep your stick on the ice.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Purple Baby Blanket

I am working on a Purple baby blanket. It is one of those situation where i do not know if it is boy or girl. So purple is the color for such times. I feels like i have made a bunch of baby blankets recently. They are alright not much a challenge though. I would make sweater but they do not last very long. If you make a blanket big enough you can use it much longer with a baby.

Since we are going to have a knitting group this week I will take some pictures. For some reason I rarely take pictures of my knitting unless i am at a knitting group. I am not sure why that is. i am sure it has something to do with being social.

It has been months since I have gone to a knitting group. There was one point in time when i would got to three or four a week. I suppose I have been busy with the Brigade. Well it will be nice to do some knitting in a group. Walkt has gotten rather good over the last year. he has made a sweater and if currently working on a stocking cap.

On the up side it is going to be a good week for knitting.

Be safe out there and keep your stick on the ice.

Kesha Likes my Beard - Chicken Knitting

There is a song by someone named Kesha that has been playingon the radio for some time. Anyway this artist is one of those folks that sometimes talks during their songs. When ever i am alone listening to music and someon starts talking a start talking back to them. Well this song has several of these places. So for the entire song i am saying sarcastic and snarky things to the person to the woman singing the song. At the end of the songs she saysthat she likes my beard. So i spend this time being mean to someon and tey compliment my beard.

i kids in our church grabbed my beard today. they said this it was springy. She wanted to know if i put hair gel in my beard to make it srpingy. I do not put anything in my beard. She also wanted to know why white people have beard that do not match their hair. I told her that i didnot know. i came home and did a picture seach of people with beard. And she is right black folks beard match their hair. And frequently that is not the case with white folks.

Well that is just another one of those things that i have not thought of before. So there you go.

Also the brigade is starting a new knitting group this week. We are going to knit at the Chik fil ay. I have no idea how to spell it. It is the place the sells chicken in the water front. If i were really paying attention i could google it or something. Anyway there should be four or five of us knitting at the water front Chicky place this wednesday at 5:30. there will be knitting fun for all. More importntly we can get a platter of chicken strips for 2o bucks. Any with our groupp food appears to be the most important thing.

Well just checking in. Besafe safe out there and keep your stick on the ice.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

My Cat

My new cat is far too attached to me. As I get older I have found that i am developing an alergy to pet dander and dust. Mya {the cat} like to sit on my face when i am sleeping. As you might imagine this is not very good for the sleepping. It is also not good for the cat when i suddenly wake up and catapult her across the room from my action of jumping up suddenly. Of course she lands on her feet jumps back on the bed and curls up in my lap.

She also follow me around everywhere. Taking a shower this morning she jumped in thetub. We also found out that she is not a water cat. instead of running away she just tried to stay out of th water stream. I also found out that i am uncomfortable having a cat watch me shower.

WEll that is probably too much information. So i am glad you tunes in today. You might regret it. Anyway be safe out tehre and keep your stick on the ice.

Monday, November 15, 2010

My Cat is a Pig

I have a midget cat named Mya. She is the cutuest little thing. Today i had a couple slider from White Caste. i love them they are really great. Anyway I had my litle bugers sitting on a plat. I get up to get a soda and when i get back one of them is missing.

At first i thought i ate one of them. Then over in the corner I see Mya eating the burger. She ate the entire thing bun and all. i never had a cat that eat bread. The little piggy ate the whole thing. She didn't leave a crumb.

Well be safe out there and keep your stick on the ice.

Friday, November 05, 2010

Pack 60

It look like the number of Second Baptist's Caub Scout Pack is going to be 60. Well it make me happy. that was the number of my Boy Scout Troop when I was a kid.

The thing that I find exciting about this is the start of a complete scouting program. For some reason the last couple place that I have done scouts has only wanted girl or boys ans not both. I personally found this very odd.

So it will be interesting to see how this goes.

Be safe out there and keep your stick on the ice.

Monday, November 01, 2010

Can't Post - - - Even Though I am Posting

There is something every day that keep[s me from getting to this blog and psoting something. For the last couple days I have been working on the Clown Cave. For those that are just joinging us the Clown Cave is the room in my house that serves as an office for the Steel City Clown Brigade. This space works as a meeting room, sewing room and office. Up and till now is has just been a place where a couple of us get together for this and that. Now that there are four Standard Clowns in the Brigade it is also going to have to be the place where we have our master classes.

I personally think it is very exciting that we are going to be doing some of the more advanced things that we have not been able to get to yet. Several of the folks are juggling like they have not been able to before. Others are honing more specific skills like knitting and the like. We are even going to have to get back to haveing a knitting group on a regular basis.

So I have had to took a good long lok at a room that has become cluttered with all sorts of things. We have all the items that we need for shows that have been piled up as well as sewing items. I have mounted a couple bolts of fabric we use all the time on the wall. I have use brrom hanger to hang up clubs and torches. I just finished stickin up some hooks that are strong enough to hang an Apparatus Bag from.

This may not sound likje much. Still organising the shelves and rearranging things to get this point was quite a chore.

Well be safe out there and keep your stick on the ice.
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