Thursday, November 18, 2010

My Cat

My new cat is far too attached to me. As I get older I have found that i am developing an alergy to pet dander and dust. Mya {the cat} like to sit on my face when i am sleeping. As you might imagine this is not very good for the sleepping. It is also not good for the cat when i suddenly wake up and catapult her across the room from my action of jumping up suddenly. Of course she lands on her feet jumps back on the bed and curls up in my lap.

She also follow me around everywhere. Taking a shower this morning she jumped in thetub. We also found out that she is not a water cat. instead of running away she just tried to stay out of th water stream. I also found out that i am uncomfortable having a cat watch me shower.

WEll that is probably too much information. So i am glad you tunes in today. You might regret it. Anyway be safe out tehre and keep your stick on the ice.

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