Monday, November 22, 2010

Kesha Likes my Beard - Chicken Knitting

There is a song by someone named Kesha that has been playingon the radio for some time. Anyway this artist is one of those folks that sometimes talks during their songs. When ever i am alone listening to music and someon starts talking a start talking back to them. Well this song has several of these places. So for the entire song i am saying sarcastic and snarky things to the person to the woman singing the song. At the end of the songs she saysthat she likes my beard. So i spend this time being mean to someon and tey compliment my beard.

i kids in our church grabbed my beard today. they said this it was springy. She wanted to know if i put hair gel in my beard to make it srpingy. I do not put anything in my beard. She also wanted to know why white people have beard that do not match their hair. I told her that i didnot know. i came home and did a picture seach of people with beard. And she is right black folks beard match their hair. And frequently that is not the case with white folks.

Well that is just another one of those things that i have not thought of before. So there you go.

Also the brigade is starting a new knitting group this week. We are going to knit at the Chik fil ay. I have no idea how to spell it. It is the place the sells chicken in the water front. If i were really paying attention i could google it or something. Anyway there should be four or five of us knitting at the water front Chicky place this wednesday at 5:30. there will be knitting fun for all. More importntly we can get a platter of chicken strips for 2o bucks. Any with our groupp food appears to be the most important thing.

Well just checking in. Besafe safe out there and keep your stick on the ice.

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