Monday, June 30, 2008

Monday Group and Rolling Tote

Fun times were had at the Yarn N'At. We did another episode of Yarn N'At. It is such an entertaining episode we stuck it together this evening. This is Rachel having fun at the Dinosaur and Sheep Group. I think she is having fun. Maybe that is not a fun having face. At least she has a balloon Turtle. Really there is little else to life other than balloon turtles. So if you life is not what you want it to be be ask yourself. Do I have a balloon turtle. If the answer is no then that is why you are unhappy.If you come to our group we will make you a turtle that will make you happy.
I did drag out the old rolling tote again. The thing has seen better days. It's wheels wore out and the feet that hold it out in the front have also worn out.
This is what the underside looks like not. It has a bit of wood for the feet now. And there are new wheels in the back. I know you are impressed. I certainly am.

Be safe out there and keep your stick on the ice.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

New Layout Sort of

I have finally broken down and switched my blog over to the new layout thing. It will take me a few day to replace everything with this new system. OPn the up side I should have a gizmo that works with all the searchy explorer type things

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Practice Practice Practice.

It was another exciting evening of practice at The Steel Valley Corps in Homestead. You can't see it in all of the pictures but this is juggling practice. Since I am taking the pictures there are none of me juggling. I should probably take the video thing of people juggling. It would be more interesting than the pictures. Amazing that we are going into out third year and have no video of us juggling.

This is my wife juggling. You can't see the balls because they are over her head.
This is Sergeant K and he is blurry because I am a bad photographer.
Sergeant Chasko is doing very well at this. Cadet Harris was also doing very week at juggling. She has only been juggling for a week or so and she is up to three balls. This is impressive in the juggling world.

And just for it's random torture value here is my progress on the accordion. After this you will think I should have taken Juggling video and not the accordion. This is going to be last segment in the Army Clowns video.

Be safe out there and keep your stick on the ice.

3 in the Morning

At three in the morning after much typing one needs a good laugh.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Train Wreck Edition - Clowns and Jpop

Great fun has been had this week at the Vacation Bible School. Of course teaching all of the Children about Jesus was the main event this week. Still, on a personal level there is what some might think a smaller story. Never the less it is a terribly important day for two of the Apprentice Clowns of the brigade. Apprentice Kisielnicki and Prioleau had their first shows in make up today.

Here they are on a balloon detail in out parking lot. In the Brigade Kisielnicki is ranked third in ballon and Prioleau is ranked 4th. That is fairly impressive considering they have not even been in the Brigade a year yet.

Here is Apprentice Prioleau just after getting her makeup on. She still needs a nose but she is well on her way to having her face.

We are working on the second edition of Army Clowns. We have a lot more stuff this time around. It should be a better episode all around. The last of the stuff that is going to be filmed or taped or what every you do with a digital camera will be done this sunday.

Yeah there was no good reason for this. On the Punk Rock Knit Girls group in The Ravelry I mentioned something about the Cotton Candy Helmet and how to make one. Anyway sitting around after the Vacation Bible School Party we were filming some stuff for the next episode of Clown Army. And well this is what we like to call D roll. In television the stuff that rarely makes it on the air is B Roll. Since no one watches this stuff we figure it is C Roll. And this thing because it is so out there it should probably be D Roll.

I have been thinking that I need to learn Japanese. Long time viewer will know my musical tastes are strange to say the least. To be fair they are all over the map.

Oh and before I go on about Japaneese music I found this in the You Tube.

Ah that was wonderful and it is proof there are geekyeer people out there than me. Ah back to the Jpop. Morning Musume has had out some new songs. Here are a few with some random comments from me.

They always have really spiffy unforms and costumes. These silver jobs should be the next Salvation Army Uniform. I have better write the General right away.

They look a bit angry in this one. Maybe they are unhappy about the silly yellow outfits. It I had a nickel every time I was convinced to dance around with yellow feathers in my hair. I suppose they weren’t always yellow.

This one is the newer generation of the Morning Mussume with their pets. I suppose it was bring you dog to work day or something. You see if I spoke Japanese I would understand the dog thing.

And here they are with castanets. I can’t play the castanets. I am not even sure I can spell it. I can spell cowbell and bag pipe. To bad there is not Chris Walken Joke to be make here.

I haven’t the slightest clue what is happening here. This is definitely one of the songs where I need to find the version with subtitles. It is a catchy tune. Still, they have a star ship and creepy microphones. And try and find the space borne Buddha. And they stole a Miranda Class star ship from Star Trek. Wow that makes me the biggest nerd ever.

If Marki Mark can act then Morning Musume can rap. It is a bit scarry. This fighting style is also being taught to all Japanese girls living near foreign military installations. Sorry too soon, it have been a few years.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Vacation Bible School

Here is one of the classes of kids at out Vacation Bible School. I suppose they do not like to have their picture taken. I threatened to put them up on the internet. So if you see any of these children tell them you saw an embarrassing picture of them on the internet.

I am serious about that.

Tell the kids you saw it. They need to know I will follow through with my threats.

Be safe out there and and keep your stick on the ice.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Make Up

We were working on the face today. One might think that this is the first a clown would work on is their face. The reality is that anyone can wear make up. Some not so well still they can stick it on.

Not everyone can juggle and ride a unicycle though. So we start on the clown skills before we get into the face. Also when a clown does decide the area of skill they want to concentrate on this sometimes effects their face. You can tell everyone is truly excited by this lesson.

This is just another random blurry picture. I know you guys live for the blurry pictures.

We do have a show coming up this week end. We will be doing some light entertainment at mostly balloons maybe some juggling. I am sure we will get some pictures of it. It is looking like it will be Sergent K and Apprentice Prealue's first show. So this could be really exciting.

Be safe out there and keep your stick on the ice.

Monday, June 16, 2008

World Wide Knit In Public Day

This is what we did for Knit in Public Day. Since it rained all Saturday we did not have many cars to wash. This is actually Walt's Car. We did do some Knitting. Actually we did a lot more knitting than we did washing cars.

I was working on another clown hat. All of the knitting action was taken on the video camera. It will be in out new episode of Clown Army.

Well I just wanted to use this car washing picture. Be safe out there and keep your stick on the ice.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Car Wash Today

We had a car wash today. We planned for everything except rain.
It rained. It rained the entire time.
The clowns got a bit on edge about the rain. We did have nice hats though. They matched out shirts.
It was a knit in public day though. So we did some knitting while we were sitting around int he rain. It did not stop raining though. So we got some knitting done at least. Well just wanted to check in since I had some pictures. Be safe out there everyone and keep your stick on the ice.

You didn't exspect This.

Sorry couldn't help it

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Hats, Clown Hats

I have some pictures of the hats that I have been playing around with. The first is the one for Cadet Wilson. This is Apprentice Stewart wearing it at the moment. We have a front side and rear view of it.

This is a very traditional clown hat. It is the sort that a classic wihte face might wear. Since Cadet Wilson looks as if she will be wearing a fairly traditional neat white face this is excellent hat for her.

This is the hat for Cadet Thurman. She looks as if she is going to have more grotesque auguste. So we had a bit more fun with her hat.

She has he sleeve rolled up for a makeup test. It is not a clown gang sign or something like that. A clown gang sign is so terrifying that we cannot use it publicly. It sends people into fits of terror.

Be safe out there and keep your stick on the ice.

Monday, June 09, 2008

We Got a Sign

I am close to finishing another hat that I have not taken pictures of. It is made from an acrylic. It is going to have a pom pom on a six stich peice of icord that comes out of the top of the hat.

The good people at Joseph Beths made us a sign for our knitting group. At the Bee Hive we were not allowed to have a sign. Look at it that put a dinosaur on it because we are the Sheep and Dinosaur knitting group. Good times.
Here is Walt mussing over a clown hat that he is starting. He even has a pattern for his hat. I am really a bit scared when clowns are that organised.
Carol and Jamie are going through untangling some yarn. It did get untangled. I know it does not look promising at this point.

The Battle for Wolf 359

I am working on the last battle scene in the book. It was originally set in the star system Wolf 359. It is a real place in the Universe not terribly far from Earth in Universal terms. In the story the Unites States has set up the New Columbia Colony in the Wolf 359 system.

Someone pointed out to be that there was a big space battle in one of the Star Trek series in the Wolf 359 system. I figured I was safe using a real place. Be sides Earth I don't remember them ever using a real place. So I set the thing out in space somewhere. It takes some of the fun out of it but what can you do?

I am still working on clown hats. I should have another one finished at the Monday knitting group. If I remember I will take some pictures. AI should post them on the Punk Rock knitter's group as well. they are into wicked head gear.

Well just wanted to check in as I defend the Universe from the polytheistic hordes that wish to enslave Humanity.

Be safe out there and keep your stick on the ice.

Saturday, June 07, 2008

How Not to Move a Mountain

A fun day was had wandering around the South Hills with Walt. We hit the Jo Ann looking for hats which we eventually found at Micheals. We will have pictures of the Hats latter one. I have work to do on them before they are finished.

The last major thing that had to be put together for the shows is a mountain. It is not going to be that large. And it is going to be made from blue foam insulations. So Walt and I stopped by the Lowes in Homestead to get a peice. We did not think it would survive the trip to the Sorps strapped to the roof of his car.

So we decided to walk it to the corps. It is not that far from the lowes.
It was windy. So moving the peice of foam did not go that well. It was slow going.
And then it broke. Fortunately it was going to be cut up into peices anyway.

We did eventually get the peices there. We did not get much work done on it. Well we had some funny pictures so I wanted to post them. Be safe out there and keep your stick on the ice.

Friday, June 06, 2008

Met a man named G Dub

A good couple of day witting and typing mostly typing. While I was out and about on the Bus someone asked me if I was witting. Since I was writing stuff in one of my red notebooks I had to agree with him. He asked what it was about and I told him.

We then asked if I would make him a character in the book. I have never had anyone ask that before. The guy said his name is G Dub. Being a black man we said that he did not want his Character killed off in the book. I suppose I can see that.

If it makes him feel any better one of the main Characters in the book is a black man. He is in at least seven of the books.

IN the book there are several pirate ships. They have larger rolls in the subsequent books. Still they need commanders. I don't think any of the Pirate Captains buy it in the books.

Well anyway. just wanted to replay this unique story to both of my readers. Bellow are some pictures of Cadet Thurman and Wilson juggling. They are moving along rather well.

BE safe out there everyone and keep you stick on the ice.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

A new Vidcast Eventually

It has been a busy couple of days with Brigade stuff. More script stuff and that sort of thing. We have been working on a vid cast and a blog. It thing we have gotten the blog thing in fairly good shape. The vidcast is the interesting thing. We are going to do a half hour gizmo everyonce and while. Perhapse monthsly who knows.

Anyway the Google uploader is having issues. The claim it will be fixed in a couple days. Still, it is a free service and you get what you pay for. It is not perfect but I think it is good enough for a first attempt. Next time we might even use a tripod when filming it. I wonder if you call it filming when you are using a digital camera. I will let you know when it is up.

Just for yucks I have some pictures of stuff from the meetings. This is Sergeants Chasko and Arasin with their parrots. Apprentice Arasen is making a good Ballon Sergeant. It is amazing how quickly things more along when you have more than one person teaching stuff.

Our balloon Sergeant did get a bit carried away with this flower. I suppose if you really like leaves this is the flower for you.

I am not sure what practice those pictures are from. It must be a recent one. Well just wanted to check in. Be safe out there everyone and keep your stick on the ice.
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