Saturday, June 07, 2008

How Not to Move a Mountain

A fun day was had wandering around the South Hills with Walt. We hit the Jo Ann looking for hats which we eventually found at Micheals. We will have pictures of the Hats latter one. I have work to do on them before they are finished.

The last major thing that had to be put together for the shows is a mountain. It is not going to be that large. And it is going to be made from blue foam insulations. So Walt and I stopped by the Lowes in Homestead to get a peice. We did not think it would survive the trip to the Sorps strapped to the roof of his car.

So we decided to walk it to the corps. It is not that far from the lowes.
It was windy. So moving the peice of foam did not go that well. It was slow going.
And then it broke. Fortunately it was going to be cut up into peices anyway.

We did eventually get the peices there. We did not get much work done on it. Well we had some funny pictures so I wanted to post them. Be safe out there and keep your stick on the ice.

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Holly said...

I once unloaded blue board from the back of my husband's truck and then....backed over it putting the truck back in it's original parking spot.

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