Tuesday, July 27, 2010


It is early in the morning again and I am working on this and that. I am missing my old keyboard. Apparently i type too hard. I go through a couple of them a year. The one that I liked is no longer made. I bought this one and it still does not feel right. That caps buttong is larger and I frequently hit it when I only want to hit the shift key.

I remeber this old typewritter that I had. With the exception of the space bar all the keys were round. They were the same size. For some reason I really liked that old Underwood keyboard. I wonder how hard it would be to build my own computer keyboard like that. I don't suppose that I can hook a typewriter up to such a thing.

I have an ergonomic keyboard that i was never able to get used to. It is in stroage somewhere. I had had expensive one and keyboard with all sorts of extra features. the only extra feature that I use are the volume buttons. And I only use them when I am getting a phone call and I am doing something on the computer.

Still no matter how it is improved upon I still miss that typewritter with thr round metal keys. It was indestructable. I could never hard it. I couple type too fast and get the litting hammer tangled up. Even then it was the worst that I could to to it. Maybe it is my own personal insanity. Still in my mind it was at the perfect angle for me to type. And no matter how I prop up one of these plastice things I am not able to get it just the way that i like. Perhapse I have figure out how to make things out of cast iron and make my own keyboard.

Well everyone have a good morning or night. And be safe out there and keep your stick on the ice.


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