Saturday, June 30, 2007

The Gollum of Barnes and Nobles Strikes Again

The Barnes and Nobles at South Hills village removed the Knitting Group from the monthly flyer without asking the group. They have made it clear that they do not want us there by their actions.

The last time we had a problem with them was when they had an issue and did not bring it up with us until it was too late. The same thing happened this time. The last manager there did not allow this sort of thing to happen.

The odd thing is that they think they are very reasonable by allowing the group to meet at a time when they cannot attend. They have hassled them about everything from chairs to time. They should just have a backbone and say they do not want groups to meet there.

I know if they treated us like this at the Bee Hive we would move somewhere else. I do know the leader of this group will be looking across the street at Boarder and at the Joseph Beths's on the South Side. I personally vote for the South Side since it is near me. Still, outside in a parking lot would be more welcoming than the South Hills Village Barned and Nobles.

By the way this is for Celtic Queen.

Be safe out there everyone and keep your stick on the ice.

Friday, June 29, 2007

Friday Stuff

It has been a busy day with the and that and there is still knitting at South Hills Village to be had.

Some people from Cyprus stopped by and i wanted to note that. I don't know much about Cyprus except that i think it was once part of Minoan Empire

Vietnam has also has a couple visitors. Welcome aboard.

Work on PS3 continues and will dominate this evening's knitting.

There have been a lot of visitors from the United Kingdom, Canada and Australia since I signed up for the Sally Blogger Web Ring. It is good to see some Army people blogging out there. It does not appear to be encouraged here in the States. Probably just a lack of interest thing. Still, it is nice to be able to cruise blogs from my own church.

While on the subject of the Army The Brigade has been invited to perform at another Army Corps in Pittsburgh and another church. Not bad for our first year. As our second year begins it will be interesting to see how things pan out.

Well I am going to head out to South Hills Village I hope this finds you all well. Be safe out there and keep your stick on the ice.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Clown Practice

As promised I wanted to mention how practice went on Wednesday. One of the exercises we do is an improve thing. We have two people interacting with one another on stage and the rest of the clown have to guess who they are.

I got both Spiderman and Barbra Walters. What kind of accent does Barbara Walter's have. Apparently I have no idea what it is. I also had Mr. Rodgers and according to the group my impersonation of him was incredibly creepy.

My wife got President Bush. I thought her impression of him was good but it took them a while to get it. I was on stage with her at the time doing Simon Cowel. So she was making a speech and I was berating it behind her. It was hilarious. And once again my accent leaves alot to be desired. Carol could not mispronounce nuclear enough to make it convincing though. I wonder if that is a Texas thing or he simple cannot say it.

Jimmy got the Underwater Basket Weaver. That was good one that took them a good long while. Next practice we will be having a new exercise. talk with an accent. Unfortunately I have shows on the Fourth and will probably not make it to knitting at the Waterfront. And I do think we will take the fourth off from practice.

We had a nasty fire on Apple Ave. yesterday afternoon. I happened to be at the office and was able to go along. It was the first time I had gone to a fire in a while. I usually dispatch them rom home. On the up side I did get to knit going down route 28 the wrong way during rush hour. As always It was good to be of service. Even better no one was home.

Knitting, Clowning, What More is There to Life?

A great day was had knitting yesterday. The Waterfront was going well as usual and my wife was even able to stop by. She likes to read and Book Stores are a nice place for her to hang out.

The Fruitman brought her some overripe avacadoes and she will be making guacamole. At least I think that is how it is spelled. She is happy when she has her spicy food.

Practice went well yesterday. We had eight folks there and we were still missing three. the Brigade is starting to come together in a good way.

PS3 continues to creep along at a snail's pace. There has not been much time to work on it and I have been doing what I can.

Great fun was had a practice and I will post about it later. Thanks again to the Wednesday Knitting People for helping with making up the card for the improv. I will post about that later.

Be safe out there and keep your stick on the ice.

Sagave Chickens

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Busy Week so Far

A busy week with all sorts of distractions. PS3 creeps along because I have not had much time to knit on it. I have also gone the better part of a week without working on a chemo cap.

We are gearing ups for shows at the end of July. We will be doing a stage show at the Homewood Salvation Army and another one in Homestead. They are not becoming routine yet. Still, it is nice to have a couple under our belts.

We had a great day at the Hive Knitting. The Mystery Male Knitter showed up to work more on ircod for The Marley. He will be the third person to turn ten skeins of yarn into icord. We have been calling this a super ball. I think that will require a special pin.

Anyway it is a later and I will be signing off. It was a long day taking apart walls. Be safe out there and keep your stick on the ice.

Savage Chickens

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Work Begun on PS3

This afternoon work was begun on PS3. It looks as if it is going to have a blue center and gray ends. This will be another one that we work two ways.

We did not get pictures of either shawls at work today. We will get some pictures at Hive Knitting Monday.

I have not been working on Chemo Caps much. I have gotten back to leaving my IM gizmos on. I suppose I have been anit social to the greater internet world. I have been busy with the book and assorted knitting projects.

Well I am going to get back to the book.s Be safe out there and keep your stick on the ice.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

PS2 is Finished _ The Ellis Family

I finished up PS2 and have set it aside for sunday morning. The Brigade is going to have some extra Knee Drill before service to break this new shawl into it's service. We also have the yarn set aside for PS3 and will probably start that on Sunday. We should take some pictures of them before service. And is I can figure out the email thing i will have pictures of them.

PS3 will be going to my brother and law Kim who is currently fight gasteric cancer. By the way this also a pray request. Kim is the one in the middle wearing the Bears Shirt. Yeah the poor guy is a Bears fan too. All the kids are his kids and my God Children. The woman with the cat is his Wife Brenda and my wife's sister.
I had not posted mush about the Ellis clan because I did not know what they would think about put up on such an odd blog, and clearly there is a lot going on in their family now. Not that there is not usually a lot going on in their family.
Well Kim started his own blog this month.
I could ramble on endlessly about stuff. For now I think I will just leave you with this portrait of a family. My wife and I have wondered what we can do. And at times like this prayer is what we can do from our distance.
We have Added the Ellis family to our Knee Drills and Prayer times. If you have a little extra time out there in Blog Land please add them to your prayers.

Savage Chickens

Friday, June 22, 2007

Taking a Break from PS2

Taking a break from PS2 to change the tape and move onto the next submarine movie. To keep with the weeks theme I am only watching Submarine movies that took place on a kriegsmarine sub. I started off with Das Boot and have moved onto U-571. I do not think PS2 will make it through U-571. If it does then I have the Enemy Bellow or The Last U Boat standing by just in case. Maybe I will watch nuclear submarine movies for PS3.
Well we will see. I will keep you posted on my movie knitting as I am sure it is of great interest to all.
Be safe out there and keep your stick on the ice.

Be nice to Your Sheep

I have not raved about the evils of natural fibers. I know that wool has it's fans out there. The days when acrylic will be able to take the place of all natural fibers will be soon. Those hippy types that are all about the wool should know the terrible things that are done to sheep in the name of wool. Well here is a cartoon.


I have passed the Five Hundred Post Mark. That would be more impressive if I did not have cartoon or ramble on about strange things from time to time. Or if I would stop posting silly things like this that no one really cares about. Well thanks to everyone that tolerates my ramblings.

The Corps, The Brigade, PS2 - and Whatever Else Interupts my Thoughts

PS2 continues to get closer and closer to being finished. Another foot or so and it will be time to put on the fringe. I will try and get some pictures of it on Sunday. I have had one or two people suggest that I need more pictures. The bottom line is I am not a picture person. I have never owned a camera. Eventually I am sure I will break down and get one.

I have also had more suggestions about a pod cast. Well I don't know about that. I am fairly certain that if people saw how truly boring my life is they would loose interest.

The Yahoo Music thing has been playing the new White Stripes Song. Every time I think I am getting old I remember that I am still drawn to the kid's music. Well at least some of it. Any way besides have the usual sick guitar work Icky Thump takes a couple shots at American. Nothing too much probably a little less than we deserve. Still, it is nice to see a little conscience working it's was back into music.

As I am ramble on the station has switched to a Boston song. It is one of the reason I like the Yahoo radio. It is as divergent as my thoughts tend to be.

I have just finished the plot outlines for the first three fiction books. Chapter 1 of the first book is in the computer and the better part of chapter two is in note books waiting to be types in. At this rate I should have the first book of this series done by the end of summer. After the first book the second two should be fairly easy.

When I get the first chapter to where I am pleased with it I will probably put it up on line on one of those ebook things. Hmmmm I should talk to DDancer about how you go about doing a book site thing. She probably knows. Odd how I did computer in school and know next to nothing about the Internet. I do know about FORTRAN and COBOL. I suppose that is not helpful for the whole Internet thing though.

I have also been working on a sermon for this Sunday. Usually I sit down at the computer with the Bible and know a sermon out in a couple hours. The enemy has been working at our corps that last few weeks. We have fewer than thirty members and ten or so solders. The average age of our soldiers is 26 so they are are fairly young. There has been a great deal of internal strife the last few weeks.

It is sad there have been several indications that we were beginning to turn the corner on many front. Much of that came to a screeching halt last Sunday. I am thankful that at least the Brigade is still chugging along for the most part.

Well that is all that I have for the moment. Be safe out there and keep your stick on the ice.

Savage Chickens

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Does Your Cat Look Like Hitler

My cat does not look like Hitler does yours? There is a website filled with Cats that look like Hitler.

I do not think this site condones Nazism or any stupid stuff like that. It is however a very strange idea. This is the first place that I have seen the Hitler Mustache celebrated in any way.

Besides I am with Mel Brooks. If you can't make fun of Nazis who can you make fun of.

Savage Chickens

This is what I told my wife when I started growing the beard. She still snickers at me for no apparent reason. Being a clown is like being a millionaire. You always wonder if she married you for the yucks or for who I really am. Oh well i should just be happy that someone tolerated me.

Good Knitting Good Clowning

A good day of knitting and clowning was had yesterday. PS2 is more than half way done and will easily be done by Sunday for service. It is long enough that we are now able to work on it from both ends. Once again our experience making The Judy Scarf has benefited the Brigade.

As always interesting stuff was talked about at the Water Front Knitting group. The ladies help us with an improv practice by writing out jobs for us to act out during our practice later that evening.

Just a few notes about how that went.

Number 1 nothing is more funny than someone trying to act out what an Amway Salesman is when the person has no idea what Amway is.

Thanks CarlaK I got School Marm. And they had no idea what a School Marn is. They thought I was some sort of cross dressing kidnapper.

I also got Blimp Salesman. Now I want to know who knew a Blimp Salesman. I imagine someone some where has to sell blimps. I just want to know who is related to one.

Anyway great fun was had with all of this.

A new prospective clown joined us at practice today. She jumped right in with juggling Balloons and killed during the improv routine. If the Captains are reading this it was L and she could not be contained. It was like watching a different person. It was wonderful and a bit scary. I would never have imagined that she had it in her.

Well that is all to report from my world for the moment. Be safe out there and keep your stick on the ice.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Why the Army Needs to Knit & My Prayer Ring Died

Good morning Knitters and everyone else. It looks like I have a little spare time this afternoon so I may stop by and see the good knitters of Knit one at their Tuesday group. This will give me a chance to work on PS2. This particular one of for the sick draughter of Salvation Army officer who is going to the Southern Ohio and Kentucky Division in the moves in July. It is pink and purple and make from a children's acrylic sport weight. They name of the yarn escapes me at the moment.

In other Army knitting news there is another large haul of knitted items at Knit 1. Usually summer sees such things slow down. The donation of knitted items from the Charity knitting have continued to come in steadily in these warm months. This is in deed blessing. Some of these item took hours days and maybe weeks to make. For the non knitters reading this a sweater blanket or other large items is a fairly large sacrifice of time and sometime money.
It is truly a mitzvah and I thank all of those that continue to participate.

We have also had a couple of new countries visit the knitting blog.

The island nation of Mauritian. Bon Jour,comment allez vous. By the way my French is worst than my Spanish. And it is probably horrible compared to Creole. Well thank you for stopping by.
I have also had a visitor from Latvia. Don't worry I will not butcher you language here today.

If you are terribly observant or have too much time on you hands. You will note there is a new Web Ring on my blog. This is a the Sally Bloggers. Both of my long time readers may recall that I mention the Army from time to time here. When compared to knitting blogs that are not nearly as many Army blogs. For a while I did not think any existed. Apparently there are a few.

For Army people that may just be tuneing in. I am a Soldier at the Steel Vally Corps of The Salvation Army. I am also the Brigade Leader for our Clown Brigade. To the best of my knowledge we are the only Circus Style Clown Troop in the Army. Actually I do not know of any other Clown Troops in the Army. I have heard of some that meet for a few months and then do a show and this is it.

If you are in one let me know. I am curious about such things. Any way back to the subject I was wandering away from. I am a Master Clown and met my wife at the Shanksville Site of the 9/11 tragedy. My wife was a Captain in The Salvation Army. And I am currently waiting to be allowed to go to training.

Oh and if you are a Corps Officer In the USA East or Northern Southern Territory my Brigade is looking to do shows in far flung places. If you are interested email me.

Another sad thing the Internet prayer chair I was on abruptly dropped dead recently. I suppose I could go looking for another one. For the moment I am just going to post my prayer requests on this blog. I you have something you would like me to pray for leave a comment or email me.

Any way. I will be posting my prayer request in red:

Prayer for Several Fire Fighter who died in the Line of Duty in South Carolina last night.

Prayer for a Clown Brigade member who is going through a rough time emotionally and spiritually.

Prayer for the Clown Brigade's Summer Campaign in this Division.

By the way the Summer Campaigned reminds me we are going to be doing several shows this summer.

I need to go about my day now. Be safe out there and keep your stick on the ice.

A Good Day

We started our second prayer shawl today.

Life is good.

It is late and i am going to bed.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

This and That

A great day of knitting was had yesterday. Fun was a had knitting at the Barnes and Nobles at South Hills Village. The perennial problem of not enough room presented itself again but what can one do? There were the usual suspects and the family of the Mystery Male Knitter were there. The Mystery Male Knitter might have been there. Still, who can tell he might have been there secretly.

Any way not just knitting was accomplished yesterday. A new Christian Coffee Shop is being opened in Homestead a block from the Corps. It is in the Basement of a building next to the High Level Bridge. It was once the location of the radio station WAMO. It is made up of several smaller rooms so the plan is to knock out several walls. Our chief task was to put up a new beam to make up for a load bearing wall that they wanted taken out. Our Captain and Jim McNair were there to put it up.

It has a neat little location just off the entrance to the High Level Bridge. There is a planting for the bridge and a highly ornate sidewalk bellow. An art gallery will be going above it on the main street. Just across from it a new jazz club opening up and there is also a beauty salon. When I started attending Homestead Corps that corner near the bridge was mostly abandon. Now all four corners at this intersection will be redeveloped. This is great progress in this regard.

Also of note is real knitting progress. The first prayer shawl for the Brigade was finished at the Knitting group. It is huge and purple and green. It will be a fine addition to the Spiritual life of the Brigade that is just know getting into more regular knee drills and the like. It is an excellent symbol of the progress we have been making as a group.

Some other Brigade news that I may or may not have mentioned. Jim McNaire is the first member of the Brigade to make Jr. Clown. I am sure I mentioned that. Still, it is important. Right behind him are a couple other clowns. We also have a new member Jasmine who is cute as a button and advanced beyond her years. At first I did not want to have kids in the Brigade. In the circus that was not a problem because their parents were there. Jasmine's Grandmother is out Music Sergeant so it does work out.

We are working on new skits and now have enough good material that I think our next show will be even better yet.

Well that is it for now. Be safe out there and keep your stick on the ice.

Savage Chickens

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Busy Days - Viewer Mail

It has been a couple of fairly busy days. Nothing very interesting just a lot of it. A great day was had knitting at the Waterfront yesterday. Today there was not so much knitting. I have had five interesting Email questions so I will answer them.

1. Were you raised Jewish? This person elaborated and suggested that I have specifically Jewish speech patterns. Ummmm no I was raised in various Christian Churches. I have been influence by many Jewish folk in my life. Perhaps I picked up the speech patterns from them.

2.What is with the Polka Dots? I'm a clown and like polka dots.

3. Is the Mystery Male Knitter Jim Williams? Well he would not be the Mystery Male Knitter would not be the Mystery Male Knitter if I told you who he was. However and I can tell you that this person is not the Mystery Male Knitter. Or am I lying to cover up the fact that he really is?

4. Did you learn to knit from your mother? No I learned to knit in the Circus.

5.What is that funny yellow flag with the dog on it? That is the Royal Standard of Scotland and it is a Rampant Lion not a dog. I wanted to put a flag of Scotland on the side bar to show how many Scots come to this page. I was not able to find a St. Andrews flag. Besides I like the Royal Standard better.

As always email me your question I will answer just about anything.

Be safe out there and keep your stick on the ice.

A New Ring - Old Fears

Long time readers of this blog know that I am a a soldier in The Salvation Army. I recently came across a ring for members of The Salvation Army. I had yahooed and googled such a thing a couple times and did not find it. I happened to run across it while looking for something else.

It is odd to find such a thing. That is because we do not appear to use the internet to it's full potential. With the exception of Metal and Knit and a clown from New Foundland I have never heard a member of my church that has a blog. Perhapse it is simply something that has not caught on in America. I have also noted that most of the Blogs are in the England Scotland, Australia and Cananda. I would have thought that America would had quite a few. Apparently we do not or they have not found this ring.

I have spent the better part of the last five years trying to get into our seminary. This is long and drawnb out process sometimes. My wife, who was already commission took ten years to get into our seminary. The current General of our Army was rejected on his first try to get into training. Well, that is what I am told I do not know if it is true. My two favorite people in our history Samueal Logan Breangle and Joseph Garabedian were rejected multiple time each. Brengle for being too smart and Garadien for being weird. Such things give me comefort in my current rejection.

I have not talked about this for multiple reasons. Number one it is not really that upbeat. I have tried to keep this a positive blog. Number two and possible more importantly I have not found that it is a very good testimony.

In the Army we love to give our testimony of how we came to the Army or came to Christ. I came to Christ in the noraml way. My mother took me to church. For those that know me this story is slightly more complicated but I digress. I went to sunday school became a deacon and life was good. When I was one the road clowning I found that my denomonation did not like stranger or wierd people. I would go to other church and was often turned away. The church that was least likely to turn me away was The Salvation Army. If this was the end of my testitmony it would be a pretty good one.

Unfortunately it is not. I met my wife serving with The Army at the Shanksville site of 9/11. We fell in love dated a couple times and decided we wanted to get married. My wife was an officer and in the Army and officers have to get permission to get married. Our Divisional said yes with the stipulation that I go to training and she would loose her rank. I also had to join her at her church and work with her. All of these thing we did. And then a couple month later our divisional commander stated that my wife was going to look her Corps. He main reason was that he did not want a woman to be in charge of our marrage. He also wanted to reduce the stress on us during our first year of matrimony.

In our first year of being married we had to move three times to three differnt divisions and two territories. It turned out to be one of the most stressful years of my life.

Savage Chickens

Savage Chickens

Monday, June 11, 2007

Some Visitors

Just a few notes about this and that.

First a few new counties have stopped by while I was away at Congress

Venezuela had several hit over this week end. Es Bueno. Los Estados Unidios nesicito amigos en Venezuela.

Next up[ is The Republic of Moldova. I must admit I do not know much about this country. I do know that it was fought over by the Nazi and Soviets and it is a mostly agricultural nation. Still it is nice to have them drop by.

Puerto Rico also stopped. by. This commonwealth is part of the Salvation Army Eastern Territory. The Eastern Territory goes from Maine to Pennsylvania and from New Jersey to pert of Kentucky. And then it jump all the way South the the Puerto Rico. I am not sure how that works. Still, we are pleased to have them in our territory. I am also glad to have the visiting this blog.

The Mystery Male Knitter stopped by Hive Knitting this week. He was able to finish up another double ball. He is well on his way to being the first person to make a Super Ball all on his own.

Well I just wanted to catch up on this and that before I move along to other things. be safe out there and keep you stick on the ice.

Back in Town

I am happy to be back among the knitters of Pittsburgh. There were not many knitters at our event in Hershey. If you are into Chocolate then this was the best Congress ever.
If you are familiar with The Army then you know what this event is. If you are not then this is a big church gathering. Members of the Army from all over the Eastern Territory were there to fellowship with one another. It was truly an awesome event. In a church when the average Corps has fewer than a hundred people it is really impressive to see that many people in uniform at one time.
This was also the Commissioning of this year class of officers. In our church that is what we call our ministers. Most seminary that I have been to their graduation it is a relatively subdues affair. In The Army we rent a Stadium and bring as many people as we can jam into it. It is much more like the graduation of the Naval Academy than it is a seminary. It is still solemn and one of our holiest gathering.
It was even more special because the General commissioned this class of officers personally {The General is like our Pope}. During the Call to Officership my wife and I got to shake his hand. All and all it was a special time.
We had concerts one with Rebbecca St. James and lots of other stuff. We even had the Kids from North Side Corps in the Bible Bowl Finals. Not bad for a Corps that once could not put together a Bible Bowl Team.
Be safe out there and Keep your Stick on the ice.

Take that Dick Van Dkye

I am Home

I have returned from the Chocolate Empire unscathed.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Fiber Festival Meeting - The Most Evil Thing in the World

Another great couple of days was had knitting. As stated earlier I have been busy spending a great deal of time typing . In addition I have had several meetings.

Moving along the best part of the last couple days is that a lot has been accomplished. Before Hive knitting we had a meeting for the Fiber Festival. Most of the classes were set and so we will be able to get out the schedule for the website and put out literature to all of the local shops. It is not that progress has not been made in putting this thing together. It is just really nice to see a bunch of the people together in the same room working on it.

Good times……..

I continue to make chemo caps. I will have to make a vest or something in a week or two just to make something different.

We are looking around for a place to knit on The Marley when we have the icord all made. Since there are only six stitches on The Marley we should be able to make him in twenty or so hours. This should be the coolest knitting project since the last long scarf. The Judy.

Speaking of The Marley someone has asked me how we alter the Bond Knitting Gizmo to make it able to do worsted weight yarn. Firstly it does not do it incredibly well. It is better than doing it by hand. This goes without saying. Firstly I take the machine apart and take all of the oil from the manufacturer out of the machine. Then with 200 grit sand paper I sand off the upper edge of the inside track. The sanding has to be just a little bit and must be perfectly smooth when done. All of the dust from the sanding must be completely removed.

Then the needles must be altered a bit as well. The metal needles on the machine need to be expanded just the tiniest little bit. They cannot be stretched too much or they will useless. There is also very little play in these needles. If you mess with them too much they can break. Also if they are too large then the yarn will not flow over them in the proper way.

The machine then needs to be oiled in the gears and the tracks. Use need to use gun oil to oil the machine with. This is important. It is much finer than the oil that comes on the machine and is the key to making the whole thing work.

When you load up the machine you cannot do it the way that the instructions say. You must wrap the yarn manually around each needle. After than you must go slowly when you doe the first twenty or so rows.

After you get the machine going to can do about two skeins of yarn on an oiling. The machine can heat up and the guide on the needles can get hot enough to weaken the lower section of the plastic track they are on. When this happens they break through. I have used plumbing goop to fix several machine that had had this problem.
These machines are not designed to do this. They are made of plastic and simply cannot take the strain. Also this thing will have a tenancy to skip stitches. The only way to fix this is to take the icord off the machine and unravel it past the point where this happened. This is also a thing that you have to experiment with before you get any good at it. It took me six skeins before I was able to get the hang of it. Also do not practice with you want to use. While you experiment it will destroy the yarn until you get good at it.

You also need to make apart the machine and brush out the fiber and replace the oil after four skeins. Depending on the weight of yarn you cannot do more than three skeins at once. This is a good time to take apart the machine. You can stitch the bits of icord together seamlessly when you have the all made.

I hope this is helpful to the person who asked me about it in the comment section a couple days ago.

I have a chunk of the second chapter of the fiction book done. For the first time one of these books is moving along at a decent rate. Well we will see how that goes.

Thursday through Sunday I will be away from the computer in lovely Hershey PA. For the Army people out there I am going to our Territorial Congress. For the non Army people out there I am going to a long conference.

The only thing more sacrilegious on a knitting blog than saying you hate yarn is stating that you hate chocolate. I hate chocolate unless it is smothered into something else. I suppose the who chocolate thing has to do with knitting turning into a mostly female activity a couple hundred year ago.

When I have a million dollars I will be starting a yarn shop that will mostly be staffed by biker knitters. There are two women that will be allowed to work in my biker knitting shop and they know who they are. On my job application will be a question about how much they like chocolate. If they say they like it too much they will not be allowed to work in the shop.

The women will be exempt from this question for obvious genetic reasons. Apparently there is some sort of female genetic thing dealing with chocolate. I will not get into this. I am not a geneticist or qualified to answer this question. I will say that this is scary on multiple levels.

There will be no chocolate in the public area of the shop. There will be rock candy a popcorn machine. The chocolate will be in a locked room for the two aforementioned women. They will be the ones with keys to room. I am not a sadist nor am I suicidal. I am sorry, I feel that the chocolate thing must be controlled in order for the male knitting revolution to firmly retake knitting. I will dedicate more on the subject of the insidious chocolate conspiracy at a latter time.

Be safe out there and keep you stick on the ice.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Drivel and Knitting

It was a busy day of knitting and writing drivel. I knocked off a couple more caps and used up the last of the peaches and creme I had. I will have to go out and get some more. Darn I have to go buy yarn. I suppose I will have to suffer through it.

Moving along. I have spent a great deal of time working on the first chapter to a fiction book. I have been playing around with it in many version. I never truly like the plot line. In this current form I do like it. It is the first time that I completely liked the idea of fiction book.

I know I have not been blogging as much recently. Well I should be doing some more soon. I am even considering breaking down and getting a camera. I know I have been saying that for months. Still, after being attacked by the papiratzzi after a show I have dislike photography ever since. Well they were not attacking me. Pierre Trudeau was wearing sandal somewhere that he shouldn't be and they were fighting to get picture of that.

Well just wanted to post. Be safe out there and keep your stick on the ice.
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