Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Blue Plastic Ball Failure

Well there is some tearing at the seams. This was what happened with the other plastic balls. So it is sad. The nearly lasted three weeks.

The frustrating part is that there are companies that make plastic bean bags. I am simply not able to find that material in the local fabric stores.

Well it is back to the drawing board.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Second week of the Blue Plastic bals

Today was the third time I took the blue plastic balls to juggling at CMU. They continue to hold up and there may actually be hope that this material will work. The denim and duck cloth start to become rounder when they are broken in. Also the seams on the cloth ball’s seams tend to flatten out as they are used. that is not happening with the plastic balls. 

So if this material works there will need to be some work on the pattern. Even so we are at two weeks with a bunch of different people jugging them. So this is a good sign. 
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