Monday, June 09, 2008

We Got a Sign

I am close to finishing another hat that I have not taken pictures of. It is made from an acrylic. It is going to have a pom pom on a six stich peice of icord that comes out of the top of the hat.

The good people at Joseph Beths made us a sign for our knitting group. At the Bee Hive we were not allowed to have a sign. Look at it that put a dinosaur on it because we are the Sheep and Dinosaur knitting group. Good times.
Here is Walt mussing over a clown hat that he is starting. He even has a pattern for his hat. I am really a bit scared when clowns are that organised.
Carol and Jamie are going through untangling some yarn. It did get untangled. I know it does not look promising at this point.

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pghrachell said...

I miss everyone! I'll be there next week unless I get the plague!

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