Friday, March 23, 2007

More Rambling About This, That and Very Little That is Important

This week marks my last working in my current position. I have decided to return to clowning professionally. This was both more lucrative and more satisfying. What this has to do with knitting is very little. One thing is that I can now teach classes at my LYS.

This will be my first time teaching knitting for the sake of knitting. I have taught knitting to many clowns including the church clowns that I am training at my Corps. This has made me face the odd view that I have of knitting. Actually I do not think it is odd. I think everyone else is odd for doing it for fun. I do not mean that in a judgmental way. It is simply that I have had to knit. I currently do it for fun mostly even though I still knit for hire.

Perhaps it is not that I am put off by people who knit for fun. It is more along the lines of the “Knitting is the New Yoga” people that put me off. Sure it releases stress and all that good stuff. So does walking your dog. But that is not why you should have a dog.

A clown that wants to have a nice long scarf of funny stripped socks must make them for themselves. Or hire someone to do it. That is a thing that must be done. And more to the point. There are not enough clowns to justify some factory making long scarves. Heck I have not seen a good long scarf routine out side of the ones that I have done recently.

Anyway I digress. Another thing that I am going to be doing with my newly opened schedule is knit stuff for profit. I am going to make felted bag. Bother of my long time readers will recall the pain and turmoil that I went through trying to make a black knitting bag. I have decided to get myself one of those Etsy shops and sell felted bags on line. That will be my first stop on Monday. I am going to the Pat Katans and picking up some good cheap felting yarn. By the middle of April I should have some bags for sale.

Many people have been an inspiration in this venture. Ddancer and CarlaK have been supportive as well as everyone at the Water Front Knitting group on Wednesdays. Also of particular help was Natasha Failkov who was in inspiration by example. I had once joked that I wanted to be her when I grew up. Well I like the whole being male thing. I imagine it is simpler than being female. I am also sure there is a men are simple joke in there somewhere but I digress.

I don’t imagine I will make more than a little pocket change. Still, it will be the closest I have been to being back in the Circus in a long time. And one thing I have learned in the last five years is that even if you have a calling. It is never God’s intention to make you miserable. Sometimes it is man’s intention. Or at the very least a product of the things we create. If you know me then you know what that all means.

Moving along to something more interesting. If the Murrysville Knitting group is meeting in the afternoon on Monday I will be stopping there as part of my world tour. This as always should be fun. This evening you will find me out at the knitting group at the Barnes and Nobles in the South Hills Village. We it is not really in the South Hills Village it is twenty feet away in it’s own building. So it is South Hill Village Adjacent. Well what ever. I suppose I should digress at this point.

My first class at Knit 1 is next Thursday. I hope someone signed up. If you are male and would like to learn knitting visit the people at Knit 1. Their link is over to the right somewhere. I have a terrible time putting links in this thing.

Moving along I will see you tonight if you are there.

Be safe out there and keep your stick on the ice.


~Donna~ said...

Well said.

Good for you - and welcome to the Etsy Family. I started my own store on Jan 1. I enjoy making things for it - it allows me to use my creativity - which is so stifled at work.

Good luck in your new life adventures!

Stephieface said...

Yay! Welcome to the Etsy family!

At the very least I can make enough in my shop to pay a cable bill once in a blue moon.

Now you get to have fun designing a banner.

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