Friday, May 12, 2006

Accomplishing A lot of Not Much

I am very disappointed with the cable patterns that I have for the edge on the Knitting Bag. I have tried and frogged three patterns. One I thought would be nice for a scarf. So I now have a foot on a green cabled scarf that will probably go to some shelter somewhere.

I also want to make a vest out of this denim stuff that is made by Rowan. It is fairly expensive and more then I usually spend on myself. Still it will be nice to fool around with it since I have never used this type of yarn. They say that it will wear like a denim shirt.

If it turns out nice perhaps I will have found something that my wife would like. It has also been along time since I have made a piece of clothing for an adult. So it will be nice to make something for someone that is more than two feet tall.

The Blue blanket is finished. I have duplicate stitched the child's name and will be giving it to him in church on Sunday. It will be cuddle and fun I hope.

Have a good day and keep you stick on the ice.

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