Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Random Thoughts

I believe I have figured out my picture posting problems. The picture bellow is the black knitting bag that I am making. I decided the flap will have a tree knit in the center and a set of cables going up with side. There will be room in the bag for my set of metal 14 inch needles and a large project and a couple pounds of yarn.

We had another good group on Monday at the Bee Hive. I don't have a working digital camera so I am going to pester the members that do to send pictures for the Blog. There are doing construction in my Computer Lab so I get some time off. I hope to make some real progress on the bag during this time. Everyone keeps having baby and a never seem to get this bag started.

The Blue blanket is finished except for the Child's name. I will be duplicate stitching that in a place I have left for it. I will take a few picture of it and post them when I have a free moment. I will try and stop by the group at the WaterFront to show them since they were interested.

Men need to knit in Public...............
I do not understand why I have gone nearly a year with out seeing a male knitting. Gents there is nothing to be scared of. Besides being a constructive thing to do it is a good way to meet women. My wife hit on me when she first saw me because I was knitting. If you do not know how stop by our Monday group at the Bee Hive on the South Side at 7:00 PM.

Have a good day everyone. And remember artificial fibers are your friend. Stop the needless suffering of Sheep. Kill plants.....

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velmalikevelvet said...

zeepo, i totally agree w/ you on men knitting in public! there is only one dude in my SnB, but he joined for the very reason you mention: to meet women. he said he figured that hanging out w/ a group of girlz knitting would tell others that a) he must be o.k. if we'd all hang out w/ him, and b) he must be confident in his manhood if he would KIP. i love the fact that he carries his knitting project around in an old 70s Samsonite briefcase like my dad used. keep KIPing!
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