Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Monday Group

We had a very good group on Monday. I have given up on the cables for the flap on the black bag. My yarn is too thick and I do not want to go with multiple yarn sizes. I will probably use a sport weight yard on the side to put cables in there. The new black bag pattern will leave more room for the tree I wanted to pu on the front. It should be nicer when it is done.

Just for fun we knit a scarf for the flamingo near the disco ball in the Bee Hive. If anyone is there take a look. It is a brick red scarf just for the fun of it. We should probably knit tea cozies for all of the tea pot just for fun.

My wife Carol joined us for the group and even crotched. It was an impressive feat since she had not done it for several decades. She is out now buying yarn and has probably stolen several balls from my stash. I will have to lock up my office in the basement.

Have a good week and drop by the Bee Hive on Mondays if you are near by.

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