Thursday, May 11, 2006

Black Knitting Bag and Other Stuff

I have been working on the bag for a couple days and it has taken me a couple trys to get the cabling pattern I like. I will post a picture when I have enough of it done to show. The flap will have a set of cables running up either side and a tree knit into the center.

For those that are interested both Zoltan and Sally are doing well. They have both discovered the joy of Acrylic Floor Paint this week. Neither was injured even though Carol and I were willing to injure them.

The folks at the Water Front were making skeins of yarn for dyeing and fun was had by all. I considering visiting a few of the other local group around here. I have been to the one in Garfield at the Quiet Storm. Perhaps I will try one in the North Hills since I have not been out there.

Thus far my quest to find other male knitters who are willing to knit in public has yeilded no finds. I am told there are a couple out there but I have not made contact yet. Perhaps they are hiding out McKnight Rd.

On other front I have been accepted into the Yinz Knit group on Yahoo and am still sad that I am not on the Pittsburgh knitting site. Hope springs eternal.

Email me if there is anything interesting out there

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