Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Give the Yahoos Nuclear Weapons

I do not understand why the recent gun legislation failed. I have to wonder how bad it will have to get before the second amendment is no longer needed. How many innocent people will have to die before we do not think unstable people need guns. I am a clown and no constitutional scholar. Even so it is my understanding that the amendments are changed from time to time as our nation changes. We once thought the Demon rum was so bad that we had to prevent it's use at all costs. Then we later decided that was not the case. So why is the second amendment so important that it cannot change. Do we need a well ordered militia to stand against tyranny? What nation on this planet can defeat our military? And if no nation can defeat us why would we think our citizenry could stand against our military. If everyone that wanted a machine gun could have one would they be able to take down the US Military? No matter how many people are in your militia they cannot stand against a squadron of F 22s or a carrier group. So we as Americans must trust that our Army and Navy are not going to oppress us. There are two alternatives. We can reduce our military to the point a group of yahoos with machine gun can stand against them. Or we can give the yahoos their own nuclear weapons and Naval carrier groups. Those are the only two solutions that will give the citizens parity with the military. Well call me stupid but I personally think the US Military has my back. Be safe out there and keep you stick off the ice.

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