Wednesday, May 29, 2013

God times throwing fire

I had fun at Duck Hollow yesterday. It was the Brigade's first juggling at Duck Hollow of the season. This is me juggling torches in my kilt. The picture is blurry because I was moving so fast. It has nothing to do with trying to use a camera phone at night.

Anyway it was a neat evening. We did not have a bunch of people but the people we had were a nice mix so it was a nice evening.

I would like to think the Fire Arts community in Pittsburgh is starting to turn the corner. Yesterday I did not have to explain to anyone that they should not be drunk or standing next to the fuel pit. Also not once did I have to tell a drunk smoker that they were standing next to something flammable.

The sad thing is was almost entirely a new group of people. The folks that showed up at Duck Hollow last year who defended drunken spinning where not there. So there is no proof that they learned anything from the police periodically breaking up the spinning groups last year. It would have been nice to save the Pittsburgh Fire Arts Group. With the way things a going they will simply become another irrelevant internet group.

Well safe safe out there everyone

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