Saturday, April 03, 2010

There are Days

There are days when i know that I am a huge nerd. This happens to be one of those days.

Today was the premire of the fifth Dr. Who of the reincarnation with Matt Smith as the Doctor. Like everyone with a new Dr. you wonder if he is going to be good. I remeber when Colin Baker back the Dr. i was not impressed. Sylvester McCoy was better but he was no Tom Baker.

No matter how you cut it was a great episode. I will not go into detail because it has not aired in the states. Still great on multiple levels. I will say that he did not work with the Tardis and he did everything with out his normal tech. It was wonderful.

Also I found a store in the Strip that sells the economy size Pocky. There are ni9ne packets for four dollars. That is awesome on multiple levels. The Brigade is going to be seriously happy with my new find. There is Pocky for everyone just in time for Easter. And frankly i was willing to blow 20 bucks to get Pocky for everyone. Nice to know that I do not have to.

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