Friday, December 15, 2006

So busy I want to clone myself

The insanity of the Season continues. I am working on finalizing the plans for the January 6th Knit Together. This should be a fun event. Also schedule permitting I hope to attend the Knit together at Barnes and Noble at South Hills Village this evening.

The Beta Blogger people are not letting me post at all. I suppose I am grateful that their thingamajig did not allow me to switch last week. If it had I would not be able to post at all. Also the Yarn Man blog was on the new Blogger and I cannot find it at all.

The long scarf continues on it’s merry way. If work continues at this rate it should be done in time for the fashion show in January.

Well it is early I hope the check back later.

Be safe out there and keep your stick on the ice.

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Anonymous said...

I'm having trouble with the switchover too, whereas now that I personally am updated... I can't write on blogs that are still on the old version. It can get frustrating to say the least. Have you gotten the invite to switch over yet? I got mine about a week or so ago. If its alphabetical you should coming up soon (I never did find out how or when they decide to let you upgrade). Once you do upgrade, you may have to ge reinvited for the PRK- I had to- so that I could post and comment. I don't know that I like the whole having to sign in to Google thing for my blog... but we'll see how that works.

Oh, by the way, I saw this in the sidebar of another blog and totally thought of you:
This might be easier since you're having difficulty finding the country flags. An idea if nothing else. :D

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