Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Yet Another Pressing Issue

Have you ever had the desire to make everyone around you wear silly hats. I am sure like me you have this desire frequently. For some reason I have found that not everyone shares this desire. There are many things that I do not understand about the world. The fact that everyone does not want to wear a silly hat is one of the things that I do not understand.

I have found the people do not like the funny hat at churches. Well that is men are not allowed to wear the funny hat a churches. I could spend an entire day talking about women with big hats at churches. I love them. Nothing is greater than a huge red hat with fruit on it.

I also find that court rooms do not like the large hat. I do not know why. I recall the occasional large hat on women in Perry mason Movies. For some reason the world has gotten away from that. I suppose it is some sort of security thing. Yet another thing to be blamed on Al Queda.

Well another place that I have noted there are not large hats are Knitting Gatherings. Well today I decided to do something about that and strike a blow for large hats everywhere.

First we have our temporary fearless leaders. First is Melisa sporting a Little Brave hat. This is all the rage in Paris this year

Chemo cap in progress here.

Next is The Steel City Knitter who is sporting a well...... I don't know what this hat is called. It is pink.

Boring sock in progress here.

We have Dehli sporting the inverted Flower Power hat. The leader in a new line of retro hippie hats.

She is also making a hat. I love the irony

We have Jimmy wearing the always popular half octopus hat. A hit above and bellow the waves.

Jimmy is working on Charity Knitting Scarf

Next we have the guy sporting the twisted unicorn hat. He is incredibly happy to have this hat. I think he was more excited about the project than I am.

This guy is making coffee

Yet another one of my clowns Wendy. She is showing support for a troops with the Yankee Doodle Braided Crown.

Wendy is also working on a scarf for Charity Knitting

The Baby Lion Killer is keepping watch making sure we do not get too far out of line.

And of course what would I be wearing but the full on Rainbow Connection Hat. This hat is popular everywhere except for places with low ceilings.

I am working on a prayer shawl.

Our real fearless leader will be back next week. I hope you like what we have done with the place while you were gone. Thanks Steel City Knitter for the pictures.


LaurieG said...

OK, Sara and I will be away at our next knitting group meeting. But I bet Frank will LOVE the hats!

DDancer said...

Hmm... I need to get over my fear of balloons just to get a hat!

CarlaK said...

You had way too much fun while Martha and I were gone. WOW! Just think about it. Martha and I are the sane ones in this bunch of bananas. That's scary!

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