Sunday, April 15, 2007

A Good Day Knitting

First off it looks as if I have had my first visitors from the Emerald Isle. Nice of you to stop by.

Also I may be away from the computer until Thursday. If you do not hear from me for a couple of days I am not giving up on the blog. I am just going to be where there are no computers. I know I am very sad about it as well.

My mystery male knitter from knit one has acquired a Cord Knitter and is working on a double ball in his secret knitting lair as we speak. Good luck secret male knitter. Our hopes and prays go with you on this dangerous mission. I think I am going to call him SMK.

Also I have my first machine knitting class ever. First thing I learned is that I like my Knitting machine a lot more than the Bond machine that I was using today. Second thing I learned is that my friends who took the knitting class are very tolerant.

Well it is getting late and I do not have much time to post. Be safe out there everyone and keep your stick on the ice.

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