Friday, April 06, 2007

A Good Day of Knitting & Cranking Exspected

It will be off to South Hills Village again after a day of the work type thing. I have two machines going well and more than a dozen skeins to take with me. Hopefully we will be able to knock out a super ball today. For the new found fans of The Marley I hope to not only have more information up on The Marley Scarf Blog but also to have some of the other clowns in the Brigade posting about it.

For those that are just tuning in my Clown Brigade is celebrating it's one year anniversary this month. With the exception of my wife {who crochets} every member of the Brigade knits. Since there are only seven of us this helps us produce things. We will be doing out first full stage show Sunday the 20th of May. There will be a special ceremony before the show to commemorate our first year and the accomplishments of the apprentices thus far. This is very exciting time for us.
By the way this is the working version of our logo. It is a bit different from most Army logos. Still, I suppose we are different from most Army ministries. Still. it is fairly simple and should translate easily into a patch. Which is the main place that we are going to see this thing. It may look like a lot of white but it will really stand out on a clown uniform. And since our hospital uniforms are all different colors white is the only way it will match everything.
It will also be cheap to reproduce since it only has three colors.
Well I have some more blogging to do. Be safe out there and keep your stick on the ice.

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