Monday, January 01, 2007

Too Busy to Post Much

I had a supper busy Sunday. We have a bad three alarm first near my house. Two families lost their homes. Pray for them if you pray.

In knitting news I dicovered the Judy scarf is too big for my ap bag. At Charity Knitting at Knit 1 the Judy tore my ap bag. On the up side I got my sewing machine working again. It just needed to be taken apart, oiled and a new spring on the feed dogs.

Since the sewing machine is working a spent the better part of today making a bag for the Judy. It should be large enough for the Judy and has pockets for three skeins on either side of the bag. In theory six people could knit while walking around if they stayed close enough together. It should be done for knitting on Wednesday.

The Brigade and I are getting ready for the Judy KAL on Saturday. I went to two stores today and neither had Mexicana by Red Heart. I fear that the Brigade and I may have exhausted the Red Heart Mexican supplies for North America. We are going through six to ten skeins a week at this point. I do believe there is Surgeon General’s warning about coming into contact with the much Red Heart in such a short period of time. If there isn’t someone should look into it. I am a bit worried that the Judy Scarf is eating up a disproportionate share of the world’s oil reserves. Well it is worth doing a little damage to Mother Earth for a really cool scarf.

Also everyone who can get to Homestead is welcome to join us this Saturday. Just post a message and bring a side dish or dessert. I will post directions tomorrow. Still it is basically one block from the High Level Bridge. We have a dozen people coming thus far and room for more. Not only can six people knit on it at once but there is weaving in to do in the center of the scarf. It will be the knitting even of the week, at least in Homestead.

Well the bag for the Judy is in the washer. I think that is all for this evening. Be safe out there and keep your stick on the ice.


Anonymous said...

Same price as Walmart and SUPER fast delivery.

Anonymous said...

A question: how tall is Judy these days?

Another: How did she come by the name Judy?

Also: don't know what White Snake was up to but Jani Lane of Warrant opened for Winger. Regrettedly, we missed it. I tried to take a picture of some Winger fans but alas, it was too dark and my camera phone is useless in those conditions. Happy New Year!

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