Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Still More Judy Knitting

There is not much time to blog this evening. A full day of knitting was had by all. Not only is the Judy nearly complete, but the 2008 Long Scarf is waiting to be started. At this point the leading contender is a scarf design that has been dubbed The Marley by Ddancer. There are some bugs in the design and it will take three times the yarn to make The Marley that it took to make The Judy. Still, it would be pressing the design limits of knitting in a new and strange way. There will be more details as this insane plan fills out.

Bellow are a couple of pictures of the Judy being knit on last Saturday. Also I promise the cutest pictures of The Judy to date in the next couple days after I have swiped it from the person that took them.

For those looking to knit on The Judy she is almost at her designed length. Even after we reach our goal we will continue to knit on her till Sunday afternoon. You always knit a long scarf longer than you say you are going to knit it. Being that she is knit she will shift in length depending on the weather or how long it has been since she was last washed.

So if you would like your last chances to knit on The Judy the Brigade will be at the Barnes and Nobles at South Hills Village this Friday at 7:30. The Judy and I will also be at the Knit 1 in Squirrel Hill on Sunday at 1:00 PM. Stop by if you can much fun will be had by all.

Be safe out there and keep your stick on the ice.


Anonymous said...

Great work and what an outreach to see you in uniform knitting away.

Anonymous said...

The Judy is crazy long....

I like her.

Anonymous said...

Love the photos of The Judy

For those of us who would love to help but because of geographical location, can't get to, any way we can contribute yarn to the 2008 The Marley?.

And have linked your blog on both of mine :D

Anonymous said...

Keep trying the Beta thing, it wouldn't let me for a while and all of a sudden, there it was. Good luck.

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